What LiteApks Mods?

July 28, 2022 (2 years ago)

Usually Lite apps are ment to save Storage/Ram Consumption and Get faster Experience.

Ex: Facebook official App size is 62 MB and it’s lite version is about 1.6 MB
So Lite versions helps to run low Ram/Storage Devices Smoothly without lagging.
Also Using lite Versions in mobile helps your device run faster and lag free or great speed experience and save unnecessary storage.

– So, Same way Using Mod lite apps will helps your device runs smoothly.
Note: Mod Lite Apps are but Best Optimized versions of normal mods.
And Here in this World LiteApks.Com only does best Mod lite apps and one and only website too..

LiteApks.Com Mod Lite Apps Means:

Based on Regular Mod apps, Liteapks.com do additional Optimizations and decrease size by deleting unnecessary languages files except English. and also deletes ads files and ads lines and analytics lines inside app and also removes unwanted stuff inside app which have no purpose. And We Try to Provide apks in Arm7 or (Arm7+arm8) CPU architectures and You can run arm7 / arm7+arm8 in any Android device smoothly.
also We compress Apps to get best compressions by means of png,webp, resources, smali, data,etc…

LiteApks For Games?

Games Are regular just like ModYolo.com and you can download games safely from both ModYolo.Com and LiteApks.Com.
We Only Do Mod Lite Apps For Apps. because Mostly we use apps with multi tasking and also to get smooth Experience.
and for games it’s hard to make lite apks and making them will not effective to normal or lite versions. so liteapks.com Will Upload Mod lite apps and regular mod games.

-Always Use Mod Lite Apps if You see them because it saves download data & Storage and also it runs way better than regular apps.

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