Looter shooter Arena Breakout opened test servers to everyone

February 17, 2023 (1 year ago)

Arena Breakout is a looter shooter for smartphones, which is undergoing OBT. Servers are already open, but only for Android gamers. iOS players will join them in March, and you can get banned for using the emulator. Information on countries and system requirements is available in the last news.

This is the English version of Arena Breakout with 2 clients: basic and lite. Read about their difference in a separate article. We believe this will keep the console-level graphics of the main client, while allowing players with budget smartphones to fight at the same level and together with friends who have a flagship.

Your task in Arena Breakout is not to destroy as many rivals as possible, but to find valuable items faster than them and evacuate with them through pre-designated points. Of course, the more difficult the location and the higher the requirements for the players, the more valuable the reward.

The resulting goods can be sold on the market, but if you die, you will lose all the loot.


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