How to install and use Zygisk Menu for rooted & non-rooted phone

September 6, 2023 (11 months ago)

What are the requirements to use Zygisk MODs?
1. Your device needs to be rooted or use VphoneGaga for non-rooted.
2. Your device needs to have Magisk installed and working.
3. Your device needs to have Zygisk enabled and running inside of Magisk.

How to install & use the Zygisk Menu?

*For rooted:
1. Have the original game already installed from the Playstore or install it from the Playstore.
2. Download the .zip file provided by the modder.
3. Place the .zip file in a location you can easy find on your device or keep it in downloads.
4. Open Magisk App and go to the tap “Modules”.
5. Click inside of the “Modules” tap on “Install from storage”, on most Magisk versions you gonna find that button on top.
6. Choose the .zip file you have previously downloaded from the modder, click it and confirm the installation with “ok”.
7. After installation is done, click the “Reboot” button (most time bottom right corner).
8. Wait your device to reboot. The module should now be installed.
-> You should find it in Magisk under tap “Modules” with an (on/off) switch. Have the switch on.
–> To play the original game without mod, have the module switch off.
—> You can remove the module completely by using the remove button and rebooting your device after.
9. Start the game and enjoy, the mod menu should display up if the module was made with a mod menu.

*For non-rooted:

1.My device is rooted but does not have Magisk, can I still use this?
Answer: No. The Zygisk mods are based on Magisk and won’t work without it.

2.I do not want root my device, can I use emulator instead?
Answer: Yes. The VM App VphoneGaga supports Magisk and should be able to run Zygisk mods. It can’t be used on your PC but on your phone. You can download vPhoneGaga here.

3.I made everything correct but the module is not working, what can I do?
Answer: It can be the module is not anymore on the same game version as the game on the Playstore. The versions have to match to make the cheats work. If the version of the module is not matching you have to wait the modder to update the module according to the Playstore version.

4.What Magisk version should be installed?
Answer: We advise to have Magisk v26+ installed. But it doesn’t mean that lower versions are necessarly not supported.

5.Is a reboot of the device really needed when installing or removing Magisk modules?
Answer: Yes, the reboot is essential for it to load and work.

6.The game is detecting my root, what can I do?
Answer: Try to add the game to the “Denylist” of Magisk. This doesn’t work for every game but it would not make much sense for the modder to release a Zygisk module for a game on which this doesn’t work on.

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