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Elevate v5.151.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

The Elevate brain training program can improve a wide range of mental abilities. Each student receives a personalized learning plan that can be modified to ensure they reach their full potential.

App Name Elevate
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When talking about Elevate – Brain Training Games, I absolutely cannot tell whether this is a game or an app. The main reason is because this is an app that helps users learn more soft skills and at the same time, learning these skills will be through interesting games designed specifically for each lesson. The special thing is that the games in each lesson are really interesting to the point of making players want to choose more lessons. This is truly an application that is really suitable for learning and improving many soft skills for users.


Of course, to make this app suitable for the majority of users, the developers had to create lesson levels for users to choose from. Think about it: no one at an average level would have to relearn what they already knew in order for the lessons to catch up to their level. This is very time-consuming, and after most users feel that they are not making any progress, they will leave this app.

  • Personalized Training: Before starting any lesson, the user will be given a competency test. This test will predict exactly what level the user is at, thereby giving them the right lessons.
  • Optimized Difficulty: Or if users feel that the lessons are not really suitable for their level of knowledge, users can also adjust the level of difficulty of their learning path manually.
  • Targeted Skill Training: In addition to learning according to the roadmap, players will also be provided with a program map by the app so they can see what programs they are about to go through. Here, users can choose lessons related to the skills or knowledge they are interested in to focus on.


What scientists have proven is that people will actually learn and remember more knowledge if they are in a comfortable and stress-free state. Understanding this characteristic, the application has been developed in the direction of both playing and learning, helping users without any feeling of being forced. The games in the lessons are also considered to be constantly changing to make learning and playing more diverse and also to help users stay alert without getting bored after just a few lessons.

  • Engaging Format: Learning by playing levels like this is quite effective as users will learn in an active way by proactively thinking of ways to beat the game using the knowledge they have learned.
  • Motivational Elements: To encourage players to continue learning, the application does a great job of stimulating users’ competitiveness. The app has created a system that helps learners create a streak score if they keep studying continuously, and the higher their score, the more known they will be to others.
  • Broad Skill Coverage: These games in particular will improve the user’s skills in a more complete way. Simply put, they will have to utilize both memory skills, analytical skills and decision-making skills at the same time.


To keep users motivated and at a certain level of performance, the app has created a user progress-tracking feature. Here, users will be able to see how much progress they have made in terms of game processing speed. Another way is how many new lessons users have access to in a certain period of time.

  • Performance Tracking: This feature helps users determine whether they are developing well in the skills they are learning or not.
  • Benchmarking: And to give users a good idea of whether they are growing or not, the app will give some evaluation numbers. The fact that users can achieve enough points will show that they are doing quite well and if they exceed that score, it means that the user is learning very quickly.
  • Quantitative Results: To get a more accurate view of users’ knowledge, they can participate in final tests after completing the topic to learn.


The favorite thing about this application is that users do not need to follow a certain learning path. They will be able to find out what subjects they are interested in and also what skills they are weak in. This helps users improve their skills more comprehensively by improving their weak skills and strengthening their strengths.

  • Customized Focus: For those who do not have too much time to study, they can choose one skill that they are weakest to focus on.
  • Varied Activities: Sometimes, there will be capacity tests that force the user to use all the skills they currently have.

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