Stickman vs Zombies

Stickman vs Zombies v1.5.44 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Grenade)

Stickman vs. Zombies Mod APK is a never-ending battle between two factions. Players role-play and become a member of the stickman tribe. Can the crowded and intense zombies make the stickman back down?

App Name Stickman vs Zombies
Size 93M
Latest Version 1.5.44
MOD Info Unlimited Coins/Grenade
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MOD Info
  • God Mod
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Grenades

Stick vs Zombies is a zombie-themed game where players will meet the completely familiar Stickman character again. This character’s mission is to go through many different stages to defeat the monsters created by the mad scientist ZNN. By using consecutive punch attacks, players can completely destroy monsters that are constantly approaching, and don’t forget to take advantage of what they are given. These things absolutely help you get through the gameplay more quickly, but in the face of powerful enemies, they still have to continue to be upgraded.


Stick vs Zombies brings players to the world of Stickman, but the unfortunate thing that has happened is that there is a zombie epidemic here. The pandemic turns into an unprecedented threat, and you will be the one to carry out the tasks of destroying zombies and completing assigned tasks. At the same time, when moving through safe areas, you will see a wanted poster, dead or alive, about a ZNN character, and this is also the target who caused this zombie pandemic with the chemicals he created. So, you will overcome many different battles and gradually reach the opportunity to encounter powerful enemies with the mastermind behind the entire plan.

  • Challenging battles: If you want to win a battle, you should make the most of your character’s potential.
  • Quantity is unpredictable: Players should be ready for what is about to happen to complete the stages in the best way.
  • Diversity of enemies: Besides normal zombies, bosses will also prevent you from reaching victory.


With the game screen designed based on a 2D environment, players will not encounter many difficulties during movement. Players will be able to move sideways, jump if desired, and launch combo attacks, which are often seen in stickman games. This is also the character’s most basic attack, and although the attack range is short, the attacks are still completely powerful enough to destroy approaching zombies one by one. One thing you need to pay attention to is that after a chain of attacks is launched, there will be short breaks, and this is often the time when the character is most vulnerable to attack. So attack and move sensibly as you face a horde of different zombies.

  • Perform diverse skills: With full flexible movement capabilities, avoiding attacks and keeping distance is always easy.
  • Easy to parkour: Combining the controls will help you create advanced moves.
  • Make the most of the environment: Players should not ignore anything when performing attacks.


As mentioned above, punch attacks are completely powerful, but Stick vs Zombies still supports you by adding weapon systems with different characteristics. These weapons can be baseball bats with spikes attached or guns of various types. So, when you see them in a certain stage, don’t hesitate to pick them up so you can continue fighting. Everything will happen faster, and players will absolutely enjoy it when their opponents are continuously defeated so they can move on to the next stages. Additionally, weapons aren’t the only things you can get, as there are a number of vehicles that help you get through the gameplay even faster!

  • Create powerful combos: Combining what you have together is the key to victory in a harsh world.
  • Close combat is always easy: Enemies that constantly approach you can be destroyed with just a few critical damage.
  • Flexibly change style: Between close range and long range, players will consider the situation to choose appropriately.


Characters or weapons that exist in Stick vs Zombies all have different stats, and if you want to face the monsters created by ZNN, you should increase your strength. Specifically, in some cases, you will see a salesman, and you can interact with this guy to receive incentives. You should also look at the upgrade section. This section completely shows the weapons you can use or the weapons that are still locked to know what their unlocking conditions are. At the same time, this gives you the most headaches because of hesitations when prioritizing important things.

  • Freely experience weapons: With a variety of genres, everyone can change their fighting style.
  • Powerful skills: Players will target enemies’ critical locations to deliver powerful blows and instantly defeat them.
  • Unique stats: Weapon stats will quickly improve if you take the time to upgrade.


Vehicles are provided to help players get to the next locations more quickly or overcome difficult stages. Their speed is often fast, and to prevent the player from reaching the destination, the environment will often have holes for the player to fall into or become stuck, unable to move. But don’t worry too much; just focus on driving because the vehicle also inherits the character’s jumping skill, and if you encounter difficulty, press the accelerator and jump over it quickly. Therefore, everything is equipped for the character, and a journey to destroy monsters will open before the player’s eyes.

  • Unlock new powers: With the high level, players can unlock more weapons and skills.
  • The experiences from others: You compare your strengths to know your limits and your current progress.
  • Information is saved: The results will appear on the leaderboards and make you excited.

Stickman vs Zombies v1.5.44 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Grenade) Download

Download (93M)

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