Heroes vs. Hordes: Survival

Heroes vs. Hordes v1.52.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, God Mode)

Heroes vs. Hordes: Survival MOD APK – Control legendary heroes, equip the greatest weapon, and destroy the Hordes—vampires, orcs, and skeletons! Will you live?

App Name Heroes vs. Hordes: Survival
Size 230M
Latest Version 1.52.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money, God Mode
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ㆍMenu Mod
ㆍGod Mode
ㆍCurrency NOT Decreased
ㆍResources NOT Decreased
ㆍMaterials NOT Decreased
ㆍItem NOT Decreased


✶ God Mode
✶ Accelerated Experience Gain
✶ Unlimited Gold*
✶ Unlimited Diamonds*
✶ Unlimited Energy*
*never decrease when you spent, need enough first

Heroes vs. Hordes: Survivor puts players in an exciting role of destroying enemies and gaining experience and power. Automatically executed attacks can destroy anyone who stands in your way, and powerful equipment will suddenly appear. At the same time, with a diverse number of weapons, players will always be curious about how well they can be combined together to fight the monster waves that appear from time to time. With a character with very high base stats, the win rate will also increase, and you will also have the satisfaction of seeing a series of enemies destroyed with just a single bullet.


The role of a hero is no longer strange, especially when you experience RPG games, which require you to participate in battles to fight monsters. This is similar to Heroes vs. Hordes: Survivor, where players can control the character with a joystick and move freely inside an area where monsters constantly appear. With a monster destroyed, a chain of experiences can be dropped at any time, and the annoying point is that they don’t automatically fly toward you if you stand at a distance. This makes you have to move constantly, and the chance of encountering enemies will also be higher than before, and whether you like it or not, you still have to face them.

  • Face many giant bosses: Enemies always have different sizes, and you can identify strength based on size.
  • The power of bosses: By destroying the strongest, the power will be increased many times.
  • Unmissable battles: If you are careless, receiving fatal damage is inevitable.


Gaining experience will be very important, although, in the early levels, you will easily destroy the monsters that appear before you. So, they can get stronger with each wave without the subjective. You will have to not be tired because of a monsters’ series. From there, the next wave makes you move quickly and prevents other enemies from moving towards you. You will often be attracted to areas where a lot of energy falls.

  • Collect resources: Treasures become sought-after targets because they contain many upgrade resources.
  • Skills and power: To increase your influence, you should pay attention to your weapons and skills.
  • Combine weapons to create fighting styles: Each stat and skill can be incredibly compatible with each other.
  • Creative play branches: Depending on what you have, the play style will change more or less.


As a result of gaining experience, interesting new weapons can be unlocked, and don’t doubt that your character can only use a single weapon. As the level increases, with a new weapon, the added shots will appear immediately. The character’s talent is very high as he can use up to 6 different weapons at the same time and create a defense layer that no one can penetrate. But don’t forget to collect some more tomes to overcome the disadvantages of some equipment, such as speed, attack, or accompanying effects. You will be interested in collecting and increasing your character’s power.

  • Heroes have diverse powers: You can freely choose between roles, from Knights to Mages.
  • Unique power cannot be replaced: With the exclusive power of a class, experience and tactics will change.
  • Choose the strongest style: You should find a suitable playing style to promote it to its peak.


Besides owning powerful weapons in battle, the weapons you flip in some rewards are also often given priority. Players can absolutely choose anyone, and if they are lucky, a high-quality weapon will be able to equip directly on the character and affect the basic stats. It can be seen that higher basic stats will create an advantage for the character when combined with weapons and tomes in battle. With just a few careful choices, a strong warrior who can survive the battle will be born, and you look forward to that day coming as soon as possible.

  • Fight many monsters: RPG monsters will constantly appear, and you must try to destroy them.
  • Test your own abilities: With many enemies, this is a great opportunity to try out powerful combos skills.
  • Survive as long as possible: Becoming the ultimate winner is always the player’s ultimate goal.

Heroes vs. Hordes v1.52.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, God Mode) Download

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