Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 v2.34.0 MOD APK (Unlimited All, Max Level, Mega Menu)

Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK – The second installment in the Shadow Fight series is also the most well-known. The publisher of this fighting game franchise is Nekki.

App Name Shadow Fight 2
Size 152M
Latest Version 2.34.0
MOD Info Unlimited All, Max Level, Mega Menu
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MOD V1 Info?


  • One Hit Kill (Opposite)
  • God Mode (Opposite)
  • Stop Enemy
  • High Damage
  • No Block


  • Dump All (Ai)
  • Power Hit
  • Unblockable Attack
  • Auto Play
  • Drunken Master
  • Hit Combo
  • Long Shot


  • Give Coins
  • Give Gems
  • Give Energy
  • Choose Level


  • Unlock Everything
  • Unlock Echantment
  • Free Echantment
MOD V2 Info?

To get a lot of money:

  1. install the mod;
  2. do not include the infinite money item in the mod menu, go through the tutorial until the equipment is enchanted (if using the mod before that, then you will not be able to go further in the game);
  3. enchant an item;
  4. completely close the game;
  5. start the game and immediately include the item with infinite money in the menu mod;
  6. complete any battle;
  7. completely close the game and restart it;
  8. play without using menu mods.

If you do everything right – you will have saved progress, a lot of game currency and prices in the store, as in the original. If you need to get the same amount of money again, then repeat steps 4-8.

You will not be able to use features that require legally obtained currency!

Almost before Shadow Fight, no game looked like this. And after that, no game has reached such a level. Even though the game has been released for decades, its popularity has never decreased. This game follows the journey of a man who lost his ego and turned into a shadow. He must go to the kingdom of shadows and fight to find his true self. Furthermore, the game is set in ancient Japan, where the Shoguns were leaders. Players will get acquainted with this interesting land’s fighting style and martial arts types.


The combat in this game keeps players fascinated day after day. Although the controller is very simple, with just direction keys and two punch and kick actions, you will create extremely beautiful combos if you combine them continuously. The animation in this game is also extremely smooth, showing martial arts moves exactly like what you see in the movies.

  • Lifelike animations: New players starting with this game click wildly. For games that promote simplicity, clicking like that creates very funny actions. But with this game, they bring really beautiful combos.
  • Realistic combat: However, opponents do not use random combos; they fight in a methodical sequence. Therefore, players need to learn how to control combos so that they work purposefully. In a duel like this, you must attack your opponent’s openings.


As mentioned, the screen only displays a few simple control keys. So, controlling the characters in this game is extremely easy. Getting used to moving around the field doesn’t take much time. Launching the first few attacks doesn’t take much practice. The difficulty is how to hit the opponent without letting them hit back.

  • Optimized controls: The controller’s design has been optimized for gaming on mobile screens. This is important because this is a super fast-paced game. If the design has holes, it will cause difficulties for players.
  • Intuitive gestures: Therefore, controlling characters in the game also becomes much easier, even for beginners.
  • Fluid combat: Once you get used to the console, you can quickly combo. That creates super exciting combat scenes like blockbuster movies in theaters.


This game can be called an RPG, as you have to play as a person and fight. Players must learn to control every character’s movement and have full authority to decide their strength. Weapons, armor, and powers all allow players to customize. If you feel that fighting style suits you, you can defeat your opponent.

  • Vast worlds: Shadow Fight 2 takes players into an extremely large world. The challenges are numerous and difficult, and the journey through six unique worlds is not easy. Players confront a series of demons with superior martial arts skills and can also use magic spells. Bosses have extremely high martial arts skills, flexible movements, and endurance.
  • Customization: The most visible aspect of this game is the diversification of weapons. When you pick up a weapon, it allows you to fight differently. Sometimes, people can only use one type of weapon during the entire journey.
  • RPG experience: Experience building your character according to what you like. And embark on a journey with a profound story.


The Bosses of the 6 worlds in the story are a type you must face alone. They are stronger than you because they have skills that you don’t have. However, if you overcome them, you will always possess that skill. But bosses in multiplayer mode are a completely different type. They possess all the most powerful skills. To win against them, you need many people to fight together.

  • Co-op battles: The fight against them is extremely scary because a slight mistake can knock you out immediately. Try to invite friends who can coordinate well with you to fill in any gaps you may have.
  • Social experience: Thanks to that, the community will join forces to fight a powerful force. It helps players connect more through combat and coordination.
  • Teamwork: Mutual understanding and the strength of each individual will gradually increase based on the number of bosses they destroy. Try to keep these friends so that they can continue confronting stronger bosses.

Shadow Fight 2 v2.34.0 MOD APK (Unlimited All, Max Level, Mega Menu) Download

Download (152M)

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