Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike

Shadow Fight: Shades v1.4.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, GodMode)

Sequel to Shadow Fight series, Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike Mod APK – takes you on a roguelike RPG adventure with enhanced features.

App Name Shadow Fight: Shades
Size 130M
Latest Version 1.4.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money, GodMode
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  • Invulnerability (God Mode)
  • Add Coins
  • Add Gems
  • Add Energy

Note: Mod Menu is in russian, it can be changed to english from settings.

In the previous game, Shadow defeated the last enemy, thanks to his efforts. People were happy, children were singing, and life seemed beautiful again. But a soldier’s senses know that this peace is just fake; it will not last long. This world is full of struggles, and new enemies are coming. The sky turned black under the power of the Shadow Rifts. Our hero must rush into the tiger’s den to find out what is happening here. But what is the price? Is the world going to collapse again? Or will he lose the people he loves again?


This game is much more complicated than its previous version. First, the main character is very well personalized. Nowadays, fighting is a difficult process because you must know how to optimize your power through Shades. Because of this complex personalization, players feel the pressure they are under in the game. You feel like this character is yourself. Shades are pieces of power dropped from enemies you have defeated. They are all designed to be ‘interrelated.’ The flying skill will be mixed with the remote beam shooting skill.

  • Enhanced RPG Elements: The popular Shadow Fight gameplay is carried over with improved role-playing aspects.
  • Absorb Shadow Energy: Powerful, unpredictable abilities called Shades can be yours by absorbing Shadow Energy.
  • Combine Shades: Use any combination of Shades to create deadly combos.


Although it is one of the most famous fighting games in the world, it still retains its 2D design. It’s almost like this design has become the trademark of this game series. Skills displayed on the screen include punching, kicking, and moving in 4 directions. Combining them into a chain creates combat combos like real martial arts. Because the combos you create are so strong, your opponent is also really strong to fight back. Getting to the new boss is truly a nightmare. Bosses are much stronger than you, and there is much emphasis. So much so that you have to spend several days to win it or give up halfway. The only way is to go back to normal leveling to become stronger.

  • Classic 2D Fighting: Classic 2D fighting with realistic combat animations.
  • Easy to Learn: Easy to learn, hard to master combat system.
  • Epic Boss Battles: Epic boss battles against dangerous enemies.


But don’t underestimate the challenges before meeting a boss. Each name you face has its uniqueness. As you can imagine, the boss is the sum of all the previous weaker enemies. And it operates the skill perfectly without missing marks. Therefore, every time we pass a round, we must remember each person’s fighting style to learn the opponent’s moves later. Thanks to that, I created a perfect counter combo. If I got stuck, I went back to the beginning to fight and learn its moves.

  • Unique Runs: Each Rift run has random enemies and abilities.
  • High Replayability: High replayability, as no two runs are ever the same.
  • Increase Power: Become more powerful each run through synergies.


Each enemy represents a different world, and the boss is the strongest representative of this world. Until you defeat a boss, you can overcome another world. In general, there are 3 worlds with completely different themes for you to fight and show strength. Of course, everything you have in the game will be taken elsewhere to use. In other words, you possess power that others cannot have. Making the most of what you have to beat your enemies would be best.

  • 3 Diverse Worlds: Explore 3 different and diverse worlds through Shadow Rifts.
  • Uncover Mystery: Uncover the mystery behind the Rifts’ origins. The story will surprise you. Maybe this great disaster comes from you. For example, what about the final opponent being Shadow’s ego?
  • New Enemies & Locations: Meet new enemies and see new locations.


Talking about beauty, this game can be said to be the best in the fighting game world today. Even though it is a 2D game, the background is beautiful, making players feel the depth while fighting on the screen. The animation of a top game is smooth. You won’t feel like any other game has such complex martial arts moves that can be played on a smartphone. Yet the movements of each move are very delicate. Even every centimeter of the opponent’s body can be exploited. If you deviate a little, you’ll be beaten immediately.

  • Beautiful Backgrounds: Beautiful 2D backgrounds and scenery. Each world will have different types of rivers and mountains. There are places where the forest is the color of blood and places as cold as thousands of years of ice. This overwhelming atmosphere certainly makes players tremble. Overcoming great pressure is also a way to make victory easier.
  • Fluid Animations: Fluid combat animations that come to life.
  • Iconic Visual Style: Faithful to the iconic Shadow Fight visual style.

Shadow Fight: Shades v1.4.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, GodMode) Download

Download (130M)

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