Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends v1.8.20.8941 MOD APK (Map Hack, Unlocked Skin)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod APK is a popular mobile multiplayer online battle arena game with intense gameplay and diverse heroes.

App Name Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Size 300M
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MOD Info Map Hack, Unlocked Skin, Antiban
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* Visuals esp menu *
– Line
– Box
– Health
– Name
– Distance
– Hero
– Enemy cooldown [some time crash]
– Draw circles alert
– Visible checking
– Monster box
– Monster line
– Monster health
– Monster name
– Monster alert

* Additional esp menu *
– Icon minimap (Radar hack)
– Health bar

* Camera menu *
– Fov camera (Slider 0~30)

* Silents skills menu *
– Skills V1 [legit]
– Skills V2 [legit+]
– Skills V3 [legit++]
– Skills V4 [rage]

* Silents etc menu *
– Basic attack
– Spelling
– Flameshot

* Aim type *
– Clossets distance
– Lowest health
– Lowest health percentage
– Aim range (Slider)

* Game menu *
– Unlock everything skins (BAN RISK)
– More 10 hero skills features
– More 15 auto combo features
– Aim targets 7 features

* Room information menu enemy/teammates *
– Name
– User ID
– Squad
– Rank
– Hero
– Spell

Enter the thrilling world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the ultimate 5v5 MOBA confrontation where you compete against actual people and let your inner hero go! Create an invincible squad by assembling your buddies and choosing your favorite heroes. This game puts the excitement of PC MOBA and action games at your fingertips with lightning-fast matchmaking that takes just 10 seconds and action-packed matches that last just 10 minutes. Prepare to fuel your eSports passion and embark on a heroic quest for victory!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s thrilling 5v5 matches against actual opponents are at the game’s core. Fight endlessly in fierce battles across three lanes, through four jungle zones, against two powerful monsters while defending 18 towers. An authentic and engaging gaming environment is provided by including every component of a traditional MOBA experience.


Victory in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is attained via the combined forces of strategy and teamwork. Work with your teammates to thwart enemy attacks, manage their movement, and, if necessary, offer healing assistance. To lead your team and win the game, pick from various heroes, such as tanks, mages, marksmen, assassins, and supporters. The game frequently adds new heroes, guaranteeing everyone a thrilling gaming experience.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Say goodbye to unfair advantages acquired through stat purchase or hero training. The emphasis on skill and strategy in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang creates a fair playing field for all players. Thanks to this fair and balanced platform, you can play to win rather than just pay to win. Sharpen your skills, outwit your rivals, and win the race to the top.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang provides a fluid and user-friendly experience with controls that are intuitive and built for mobile gaming. Smooth movement is made possible by a virtual joystick on the left, and with just a tap of the skill buttons on the right, you can unleash potent abilities. Using two fingers is all it takes to learn the game. Last-hitting is a snap thanks to the auto lock and target change features, ensuring you never miss a key opportunity. Additionally, the tap-to-equip system lets you buy gear anywhere on the globe, allowing you to concentrate on the thrill of combat.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Long waits and tedious farming are a thing of the past. In under 10 seconds, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s matchmaking system will locate suitable opponents. You will be completely engrossed in the action once the battle starts, and battles only last 10 minutes. The early-game slog is over, and you can get right into the heart-pounding combat that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Simply pick up your phone, launch the game, and prepare for tense MOBA action, whether at home or on the move.


We’ve all felt frustrated by a lost connection at a critical time. Do not be alarmed; Mobile Legends: Bang Bang features a strong reconnection system that quickly puts you back into the fight. In a 4-on-5 situation, don’t ever again leave your team waiting. Additionally, the game’s AI system assumes control of your character when you’re momentarily offline to ensure your absence doesn’t hurt your team’s chances of winning. With this cutting-edge function, stay connected and never miss a beat.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


  • Extensive hero roster with over 100 unique characters, each offering distinct abilities and strategic options.
  • Real-time 5v5 battles, where teams of players compete in fast-paced and action-packed matches.
  • Visually stunning graphics and intricate animations bring the game world and heroes to life.
  • Thriving esports scene with regular tournaments, allowing players to showcase their skills on a global stage.
  • Strategic gameplay that emphasizes teamwork, coordination, and objective-based decision-making.
  • Frequent updates and balancing adjustments to ensure a dynamic and evolving gaming experience.
  • Customizable item builds and strategies to effectively adapt to different playstyles and counter opponents.
  • Fair play environment with robust anti-cheating measures to maintain a level playing field.
  • Social features like in-game chat, guilds, and social media integration to connect and collaborate with other players.
  • A global community with millions of players worldwide, fostering engagement, discussions, and friendships within the game.

Mobile Legends v1.8.20.8941 MOD APK (Map Hack, Unlocked Skin) Download

Download (300M)

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