Wizard Legend

Wizard Legend v2.5.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Roguelike action game Wizard Legend MOD APK. The game has over 50 magic powers and 5 components. Magic skill combinations provide diverse fighting styles. The massive number of artifacts with different effects will make the struggle endless.

App Name Wizard Legend
Size 90M
Latest Version 2.5.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Wizard Legend depicts a world where magicians perform magic and compete against each other. You are about to embark on a difficult adventure. Conquering a territory shows your destructive ability. Be on the lookout for dangers lurking in this vast wilderness. Transform into a powerful witch who is not afraid to fight anyone. Battles will break out against any opposing object. It’s time to start attacking and taking part in these epic battles.

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master


Despite having a relatively simple gameplay system, this is an action RPG. Even so, players got into the game due to its difficulty level. Use your entire arsenal to unleash devastating attacks. Plunge headlong into any epic battle and push it to the logical end. Confront your opponents and refuse to be defeated. Give your opponent a fighting style that guarantees defeat, then back it up with confidence. Learn how to use the various features of Wizard Legend and enjoy the glory of victory. Enter the arena and show your abilities as a formidable mage.

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

Ancient magicians were always on the go and could complete any quest. Wizard Legend allows the player to take on the role of a wizard in pursuit of inner power. The enemy’s army becomes stronger and more numerous after each battle. You are responsible for commanding the hero and leading them into battle. If you rush into the fight and complete the goal quickly, the door to the next test will open. Each game will be designed with different difficulty challenges where you have to eliminate random enemies. Strive to achieve some record wins to the best of your ability. Find the intersection of your strengths and use cunning and strategy to overcome many opponents.

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master


A cloak is a common garment worn by magicians. Although not standard armor, the cloak was an important piece of equipment for a mage. Each encounter allows using many unique advantages. The magic cloak enhances the power, culminating in a powerful attack that knocks the opponent to the ground. The higher the cost of a piece of clothing, the more harmful it is to the opponent. Get maximum combat power and fight a series of tough bosses. Countless hidden effects lie within what appears to be an ordinary shirt. Take on a variety of enemies while assisting other mages in combat.

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master


These skills play an important role in every attack against the opponent. When people’s powers are combined, they create a truly unique form of war. Choose the best spell for the current job. Wizard Legend also allows you to get awesome new skills if you win. When you have this advantage, many enemies will no longer be a concern. Players can fully act and coordinate a variety of techniques when fighting. Learn the intricacies of magic so you can build an effective battle strategy. You can only defeat your opponent by using a series of powerful attacks.

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master


In offensive actions, every magician will participate. Every party member will get a battle power boost to show off their abilities as they gain levels. However, this entails having to deal with increasingly formidable opponents. During the battle, players will face countless difficulties that they have to conquer. And, while their destructive potential remains constant, their numbers are always increasing. Calculation and planning are necessary to develop an effective fighting style. When you combine several spells, each with its function, all your opponents will be destroyed. Embark on a tough journey and see where you rank among your peers. Get the job done and assert your worth as a “mage” by taking down your opponents.

Wizard Legend v2.5.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (90M)

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