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Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is a hit game that was released on the console and PC platforms in 2005, and has become a worldwide phenomenon. This game has received a very high rating from players around the world. Bring players to a wild western world of the United States, where cowboys fight with each other with guns. And this is also the place where the criminals often come to reside. Although it became a famous name in the game market many years ago, now this game is once again re-released and gives players a much more exciting experience.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

But this re-export is not on the PC platform or the console, but players will be able to come to this game right on the mobile platform, a viral platform at present. The game was released by Oddworld Inhabitants, a famous American game publisher founded in 1984. It is also the manufacturer of the game itself in previous versions, and the game promises to bring to people. Play extremely amazing experiences. What are the players waiting for without coming to the game “Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath” right now to experience the incredible battle scenes that the game brings?

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath


The story begins in the Wild West, where the law is something that never exists here, so all the criminals are gathered here. Their main character is a well-known bounty hunter with the name Stranger. He specializes in catching criminals to hand over to the authorities so that he can get their reward money. He will use this bonus to pay for a secret rescue operation in the game. When Stranger was about to leave Buzzarton, he discovered that the river near the town was dried up by a dam, built by a man named Sekto. On his travels, he discovers that Sekto is the one responsible for the Steef centaurs destruction of the. He comes across the unknown village, the residence of the Grubbs, but a demon is abusing them. He decided to stay here so he could save the town and learn about why the race Steef was exterminated and revenge for that. So his journey officially began.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath


The gameplay of this game is a clever combination between the first and third perspective to give players a completely new experience. This will rotate throughout the game, and the player will have to have some good time to get used to it. In the 3rd perspective, players will control the Stranger when going long distances, jumping podiums, climbing ropes, and fighting melee. The game will automatically switch to the first perspective when the player uses weapons such as guns, crossbows, and long-range weapons. This is similar to FPS games, giving players a much better experience. The task of the player is to capture the wanted criminals and hand over the crime to the authorities to receive the moolah (the currency in the game). When fighting prisoners, players will have two options that are stunning to capture criminals or can kill them always. But if caught alive criminals, the bonus that players receive will be higher when compared to death. So try to keep them alive, though this will be a lot harder than killing them. Because, to kill them, the player will have to approach the enemy to be able to stun them to capture them. But they will not leave the player alone to catch them, but they will fight very hard to escape or kill the player.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath


Weapon Warehouse

Although in this game, Stranger’s main weapon is a crossbow attached to the hand. But players can upgrade them, so they have different powers to capture or kill enemies easily. Players can also equip melee weapons such as the Knuckle Duster to use in times when they want to knock out the opponent more effectively. Players will also be able to get more unique types of ammunition such as skunks that can cause wide-area effects, snails capable of explosion…


The game’s graphics still retain familiar graphics, although everything passed many years ago. Players will be able to feel extremely realistic 3D graphics along with the old lines, rust marks on the tree … It all seems very suitable for the game, although not as sharp as the Today’s game title the game will still give players a great experience.

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