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Nob Hero is a role-playing and fighting adventure for fans of heroes. You will be thrown into a chaotic and thrilling battle when you join the game. Each warrior will be equipped with a destructive energy source. After a few basic attacks, it will assist you in knocking down your opponent. To avoid making mistakes, you must learn to control them. Players can compete online against hundreds of opponents from all over the world. All warriors will fight in a massive arena.

Nob Hero Nob Hero


In Nob Hero, players can access an extremely interesting role-playing screen. The game begins with an explosive match. After the selection begins in the lobby, you will be led to a large arena. The battle begins the moment you arrive here. Your opponents will quickly figure out how to eliminate the newcomer. You must act quickly to eliminate this terrifying threat. In the arena, you can collect beautiful colored stones. They will assist you in maturing after consuming large amounts. Players, in particular, can avoid attacks by eating these stones. After you have a large body, your strength will increase. It’s time for players to confront and overcome their fears.

All members are assigned a number based on their combat ability. When you defeat many enemies, your numbers will quickly grow. Each player will be able to select a favorite character. These characters are all included in the system’s collection. You will face opponents who resemble you. Your most basic challenge is to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Beautiful attacks can help you show off your skills and make them more visible. It would be best if you were away from the crowd to prepare for a stronger hit. You will be the battle’s strongman if you kill many enemies. Others, however, can knock the player down. To come back strong after those dangerous battles, you should gain experience.

Nob Hero Nob Hero


Nob Hero’s members each have their skill bar. Players will learn basic to advanced fighting techniques here. You can create hundreds of lightning bolts to escape when there is danger. You can also launch a fireball into the arena to disperse the crowd. After completing the basic achievements, the number of lightning and meteors will be multiplied. Players who meet our requirements will have the opportunity to unlock new skills. Basic survival skills, such as archery and fencing, are also used. Using the hourglass skill, you can immobilize your opponent. Players can end confrontations by moving around and attracting stones with magnets.

Nob Hero creates exciting combat situations, so players are always excited about their missions. You will come into contact with hundreds of other warriors. In each match, the player has complete control over the attack method, and you’ll work with the options on the support bar. When the time is very long, the system allows the player to pause the battle to rest. Despite its simple graphic style, the game has a distinct charm. We created a large space so that the number of players online does not make you feel suffocated. You can adjust the volume for the best experience. Fun soundtracks are added to keep the battle from becoming monotonous.

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Download (72M)

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