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In recent years, SNK has collaborated with Hamster Corporation to transfer many of the original NEOGEO games to modern gaming environments with the ACA NEOGEO series. The difficulty and aesthetic that NEOGEO games had back then can now be replicated on smartphones via screen settings and choices. Online elements such as online ranking modes are also available to players. It also has rapid save/load and virtual pad customization functions to enhance pleasant app play. Please take advantage of this opportunity to appreciate the classics that are still sustained today.

Each team now has four players, as opposed to the three-character teams seen in previous The King of Fighters (KOF) games. Before each match, the player selects three characters to fight with. The fourth member is the Striker, who the player summons during battle to assist their character in performing one of their Special Moves against the opponent. A Striker can only be summoned a certain number of times throughout a single match. The number of “Strike Bombs” at the bottom of the screen determines this.

The Advanced and Extra combat styles from The King of Fighters ’98 have been eliminated. Instead, the game has a single playing style fashioned after the previous game’s Advanced mode, in which the player fills their power bar by attacking the opponent or completing special actions. This time, based on the button combination utilized, the player can choose between two powered-up states during battle.

Counter Mode boosts the player’s offensive power and allows them to use their character’s Super Special Move indefinitely. A “Super Cancellation Attack” or a “Moving Attack” can also be used to segue from a Special Move to a Super Special Move in a combo. Armor Mode, the other powered-up mode, improves the character’s defensive strength, allowing them to take more damage from the opponent; however, the player cannot use Super Special Moves in Armor Mode.

When the combat is over, a score is assigned based on the player’s performance. If a good score is obtained, the arcade mode will reward the player with an additional fight after the final boss. The revised version of The King of Fighters: Evolution adds three new stages and two new characters who can only be utilized as Strikers.

Kyo Kusanagi (in a different attire), Athena Asamiya (in her school uniform), Goro Daimon, Billy Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki, Chizuru Kagura, Syo Kirishima, Alfred Airhawk, Vanessa, Seth, Fiolina Germi, and Gai Tendo are the new Strikers. The game is also compatible with the Neo Geo Pocket Color game The King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise. Points earned in Battle de Paradise can be transferred to The King of Fighters ’99: Evolution to help the Extra Strikers level up faster.

KOF ’99 ACA NEOGEO APK v1.1.1 (Full Game) Download

Download (80M)

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