THE KING OF FIGHTERS 97 APK v1.5 (Full Game)

The King of Fighters ’97 APK is a fighting game developed and published by SNK for the Neo Geo arcade and home console. It was released in 1997 and is the fourth game in The King of Fighters series.

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THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’97 is a game where you can compete against legendary heroes and win. This is a unique simulation game where you can create your character and engage in action role-playing. A series of powerful heroes will appear here, each with its personality and special strength. You must select heroes for whom you have a strong affinity to demonstrate your power and become the strongest hero among all the heroes in this game.



THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’97 brings together a slew of heroes, each with their abilities, and you’ll take on the role of a hero you want to fight alongside. Each hero will have a unique ability and a unique and different strength, so think carefully before making your choice. Players must understand their strengths and the positions best suited to make the best decision.

After the player selects his hero, the game will display a series of statistics and characteristics that are unique to that character. Another draw is that you will be instructed to use that ability before participating in the battles. Each ability will require a different execution technique; to perform that ability well, you must learn from the experience of your predecessors. At the same time, you should internalize those experiences to strengthen yourself.



Players will enter the match, and you will face a formidable opponent whom you must fear. However, with your abilities, you confidently confront your opponent to win and capture the gems that he owns. This is a risky move, but it demonstrates your determination and bravery. Before entering the arena of fame, players will carefully prepare the necessary items.

Use the sword to deceive your opponent and expose their weak points. You immediately launch powerful kicks to knock them after identifying their weakness. Each move you make earns you points, and the player with the most points has a good chance of winning. Some safety features are also promoted in this game, and you must understand how to use them to protect your precious life.



You must fight as many heroes as possible to develop your abilities and level up. The game constantly provides you with opportunities to demonstrate your skills and valuable gems, each of which has a different level of power. It would be best if you collected enough of these gems to open a great treasure that contains secrets every hero desires. THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’97 wants you to be the strongest hero and to create your character image.

Through this, THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’97 consistently outperforms and provides a unique source of excitement to the players. You are also a fan of these matches and are very wise when dealing with difficult situations. There are still many challenges and opportunities to express yourself, so fighting and winning are what you need to do right away. The game also upgrades other heroes and promises to meet your specifications.



  • Characters: The game features 31 characters, including new and returning characters from previous games in the series. Players can choose from various characters with different fighting styles, including martial artists, wrestlers, and street fighters.
  • Modes: The game features a variety of gameplay modes, including arcade mode, team play mode, survival mode, and time attack mode. In arcade mode, players battle through a series of computer-controlled opponents to reach the final boss. In team play mode, players can create their team of three characters and battle against other teams. In survival mode, players must defeat as many opponents as possible before being defeated themselves. And in time attack mode, players try to clear the arcade mode as quickly as possible.
  • Strikers: The game introduces the concept of “Strikers,” which are assist characters that players can call upon during a match to perform a special move. Players can select a Striker before the start of a match and can use them once per round.
  • Special Moves: Each character in the game has a variety of special moves and combos that can be performed using different button combinations. These moves can launch powerful attacks, knock opponents off balance, or escape a difficult situation.
  • Graphics and Sound: The King of Fighters ’97 features detailed 2D sprite graphics and an epic soundtrack that adds to the intensity of the gameplay.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS 97 APK v1.5 (Full Game) Download

Download (58M)

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