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Surely all of you have had a childhood playing the game Talking Tom, right? This used to be quite a popular game among our previous generation. However, the game is gradually losing its popularity in the eyes of gamers, so publishers have created other similar game series, which is considered their most successful product. In this game, the gameplay is completely different from the previous version, where the player will have to put the character Tom on a racetrack and run and jump to avoid oncoming obstacles.


The screen in this game has also been diversified to bring the most user experience. If it were possible to say each screen, the player would be able to explore a specific location or area. In each area, players will have to experience different obstacles created by that area. On that side, these areas will also tell a separate story when players complete their race.

  • Explore unique side roads: Players must participate in a race full of challenges and obstacles that need to be overcome; they can also discover other mysteries on two race tracks.
  • Unlock new worlds: The levels here are quite simple; you just need to keep yourself in the most stable form and make the selected running character reach the destination without any obstacles. You can complete this level and unlock it to add a new screen.


To revive the childhood of gamers, the publishers of this game have reincarnated all the characters we have seen before. Besides the black and white cat that I have seen before, the game also adds other characters to increase the diversity in the game and, at the same time, make gamers feel more interested while participating.

  • All characters are available: The most pleasant thing I find in this game is that players do not need to make any effort to unlock the objects they like because the game provides us with all the characters from the start already.
  • Each friend has their own style, And of course, one thing that will always appear alongside the more diverse characters is that each character will also bring their own unique skill.


Besides, to make each race more attractive and interesting, the title game also provides some necessary tools for players to take advantage of on the racetrack. The most typical

items that most players like to receive are small cars that players can drive on their tracks. These cars will be extremely useful in moments when the track speeds up with more obstacles because they act as a second replay.

  • Unlock and try out special vehicles: The convenient, in-game vehicle items that players can purchase are also quite cute because they can be considered toy cars or are the barrows that children still use.
  • Increase your speed: These convenient vehicles were created with one main goal: to help users increase their running speed and, at the same time, give them a chance to replay if they slow down by an obstacle.


Being able to drive cars and having it as a second replay question is just one of the things players can get. The item that brings the most convenience and is also the most difficult to find on the track is the rocket product that helps the player’s cat launch into the sky for an extremely fast game.

  • Collect and use power-ups: It is essential for players to collect items that appear along the way because of the power-ups if they want to discover records or catch up with their opponents faster. That product will bring huge benefits.
  • Power-ups give you explosive speed: To talk about some of the most popular items in this title game; we can talk about things like potions that make players invisible obstacles or potions to increase your character’s running speed.


However, the publishers still have not forgotten to retain the core elements that have been endangered since the first version of this game. On the edge of the race, players can still cover their cats with a brand new outfit. These outfits will be collected by players by purchasing them or completing missions to make their cats cuter.

  • Unlock new costumes for each character: To make the character have the characteristics and style they like, the player needs to complete the level and collect puzzle pieces to unlock more costumes.
  • Show off your style as you rush through the worlds: Your chosen character and the outfit you protect will accompany you along the way, and if the player achieves a high score, so they will appear on the leaderboard with that character.

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