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A Forest world that is attacked by Mystical Creatures and destroys the whole world is the storyline of the Swarm of Destiny: AfK Idle RPG. All the Swarm friends of yours are fleeing from the Forest world. Still, those Mini Mystical Creatures are in your world and feeding with our world roots of magical energy. You are the Past King of that world, and here is this news from Swarm friends. So it is your responsibility to rebuild your Forest world by collecting Gems and raising your fighting power. Gather all the Swarm natives who fled to Shadow world with minimum survival and fight together with the evil creatures.

There are Mines where you can get Gems by tapping on them. And to get more Gems to upgrade the Mines to level for massive increment in Gems. Witch Ruin 1 is the Fairy tale Swarm member, which can produce critical damage. The Witch circles are where you can train your Swarm members to fight with the Mystical creatures. So rebuilding that Battle Witch, which will risk her life as a training center, helps all the fled Swarm members to return with hope. To learn information about Ruins, click on them. If you wish to fight, select a Minion and click on Attack. If the Minion of the Mystical creatures is defeated, then its roots will vanish, and you can rebuild the Ruin when you have enough Gems. The colors of roots help you to identify the Minionsjl that must be defeated to free the Ruin.

To make your Dwarf’s work even faster, rebuild the Mine Relic Ruin 1 for 50% more income on the selected Mine. You can rebuild one of your Relics by a click on it and activate it by choosing the Mine, which should receive its magical power. If the Relic is active, then that connected Mine will produce Gems faster. To increase the Relic’s Magical power and its activation duration, upgrade it. To heal every witch alive, rebuilt the Witch Ruin 2. Collect billions of Gems to save the Forest World and win in the Swarm of Destiny: AfK Idle RPG game which is more exciting with magical powers.

Swarm of Destiny MOD APK v1.11.11 (Unlimited Currency) Download

Download (70M)

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