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Darkest AFK is a strategy game where players will accompany a group of heroes to overcome waves of evil enemies. They will have many different jobs for players to choose and arrange in each squad with the aim of creating the highest combat performance. In particular, there is a game house that always helps players find powerful characters, but there will always be different fees if you want to meet more characters. Over time, the characters accompanying you will become stronger and stronger and help you pass each stage, with difficult monsters constantly appearing. With great power, one skill button can blow them away so quickly.


Darkest AFK takes players on the journey of a team of heroes like in animated movies. Their job is to destroy dangerous entities with strength at a quite high level. But when they came to the final monster, they fought but suffered defeat after the monster delivered the killing blow. It was an outcome that no one wanted, but there was still a chance for the player when a character in that party completely survived and was rescued by a warrior. From then on, they became companions on the mysterious and difficult path of destroying monsters.

  • Many types of dangerous monsters: Vampires, demons, or other entities, cannot harm you too much.
  • Winning them is easy: Each type has different attack characteristics that you will get familiar with to reduce the amount of blood lost.


It can be seen that the ending of that party is an ending used to let you know what the final boss’s strength is so you can prepare your strength again. It could be warriors who create fatal attacks or magicians who can heal teammates so they have a better chance of surviving in the game. Arranging the characters is always in the hands of the player, and as long as they find a suitable strategy, it doesn’t matter how they arrange the characters.

  • Reasonable moves: Although your skills are very strong, fighting still requires a lot of precise tactics.
  • Complex combat mechanism: It brings a powerful and engaging experience that players cannot ignore.
  • Satisfying boss battles: You will breathe a sigh of relief when a huge monster has completely fallen.


The arrangement of characters will depend on the characteristics and occupation of each character, which determines its role. Players can safely place characters with high resistance in the first position to take all the damage and leave characters with high damage but low HP behind. This is also an effective formation that many people trust today, and if things are not resolved soon, the destruction of the defense will be the end for the player. In particular, during the game, don’t forget to launch each character’s special attacks to kill the enemy faster. Because small levels of a chapter cause boredom, auto mode is also added to solve this problem.

  • Play anywhere: Even without an Internet connection, players still experience and save their progress.
  • Not much of a problem: Your entertainment time is continuous and seamless without any interruptions.


Many different heroes exist in a mysterious world that the player recognizes immediately after arriving at the inn. They can use the resources they have to perform the summoning process, and there will be a hero who will go to your inn to respond to the summoning. Of course, many new roles will be continuously unlocked, and each hero will always be useful at a certain time. Some can help you clear monster waves quickly but do very poor single-target damage. However, the results will be different if you can use a character with the ability to burst damage, and the results will be completely satisfactory when the player sees the enemy defeated in a short period of time.

  • Overcome many campaigns: Players will fight bots but still possess skills that you must be careful with.
  • Challenging Leaderboard: Based on your skills, it is possible for you to climb to a certain position.
  • Continuous PVP: Once players are confident with their skills, they should try competing with others.


After a character is successfully summoned, any player will certainly feel happy, but that is not enough. They have to prepare a number of resources in advance to increase their character’s level because of the low experience index in each stage. At the same time, powerful equipment can change the characters’ stats dramatically, and when you reach the magical gate, spending just a few prayers can help you summon additional weapons. Therefore, the player’s journey is a long one, and preparation is absolutely necessary if they do not want to fail, like the group of heroes at the beginning of the game.

  • A journey of development: Over time, players will unlock gears and increase available skills to help the character become stronger.
  • Diversity of skills: Unlocking new combos is completely easy to understand and helps you increase your win rate in the game.
  • Reaching a milestone: The character development system always helps players feel like they have achieved a certain level of achievement.

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