Dead God Land (Dead Island)

Dead God Land v0.0.0231 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money, Max Lv)

Dead God Land (Dead Island) MOD APK – These desolate islands are home to some very vicious undead. Fortunately, there is a safe haven where I can go to survive.

App Name Dead God Land
Size 734M
Latest Version 0.0.0231
MOD Info Mega Menu, Money, Max Level
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MOD Info?
  • Unlimited Craft
  • Unlimited Upgrade
  • Unlimited Building
  • Build Without Materials
  • Unlimited WorkBench SpeedUp
  • Map Travel 0 Buy
  • Gold Freeze
  • Level Max (43)
  • Unlimited Free Revive (Second Change)
  • Unlimited Learn Point
  • Unlimited Skils Point
  • Unlimited Credit
  • Full Durability

Fighting zombies has never been easy. But in this game, the player will play the role of someone extremely interested in destroying these monsters. Saying that will not make you misunderstand that this world is not cruel. Living from starvation is great. Fighting zombies seems like a difficult thing. Yet the characters in the game are all very ready to fight. If you are not interested, you will die. So why not be optimistic and move on? Perhaps an optimistic attitude is the best secret to survival.


To survive, it is best to have a safe shelter. Sleeping on the street one night is already uncomfortable in peacetime, let alone in a post-apocalyptic era. Sleeping outside is like dying. Therefore, building a safe shelter is even more essential. At this point, players also need to have a very powerful arsenal. You can’t fight zombies with baseball bats. Although it’s true, one blow strong enough is enough. Once you have established a place to eat, sleep, and have weapons, you must exploit resources to ensure a long life. This world cannot be saved anymore. Just try to live as long as you can.

  • Weapon Crafting: Craft weapons, armor, and items to help you survive.
  • Shelter Building: Build shelters and bases to protect yourself.
  • Resource Farming: Farm resources to craft better equipment.
  • Item Discovery: Tons of items to discover and create.


Because you must wander in this ruined world, you will learn about everything around you. Sometimes, players have to build many bases scattered throughout their path slowly. If zombies surround you, you know how to escape. Once you have scouted the terrain of a place, you should walk around to see if there is anything to loot. Since the world has collapsed, it’s easy to find what people left behind. In addition, there are hidden locations that bring you surprises. Sometimes, it’s a pile of food enough to eat for a month. Or a super good gun but out of bullets. Going around, there will also be quests scattered throughout the map for you to do. Do tasks to get money and items to cover your living expenses and upgrade your shelter.

  • Huge Islands: Huge open-world islands to explore.
  • Hidden Areas: Discover hidden areas and loot.
  • Diverse Locations: Fight through cities, forests, bunkers, and more.
  • Quest Finding: Find quests and characters as you explore.


The characters you control will become stronger over time, meaning they will be upgraded, and it will become harder to die. Knowledge also brings great power. How can you own one if you have enough materials but don’t know how to make a gun? The recipes are very important; you must learn them before becoming successful. In addition, wearing something you made yourself also feels beautiful. The developer grasps the common psychology of players when designing strong, more beautiful items than weak ones.

  • Character Leveling: Level up your character and skills.
  • Unlocking Recipes: Unlock new crafting recipes as you progress.
  • Playstyle Customization: Customize your playstyle as you advance.
  • Power Progression: Become more powerful through leveling.


Besides, just living around is very boring. We have to punch each other a little to make things interesting. In Co-op mode, players will work together to punch zombies freely. To test your maximum strength. In addition, in PvP mode, players fight each other. Everyone boasts that they are strong, so who is truly strong?

  • Cooperative Play: Play cooperatively with friends against the zombies.
  • Shared Building: Team up to build shared bases and outposts.
  • PvP Game Modes: Battle other players in PvP game modes.
  • Survival Choices: Survive together or fight for dominance.


The zombies in this game are much more unique, as the developers designed a bunch of intelligent zombies that are difficult to kill. Indeed, they rush out like a flash flood and never end. In addition, with each wave, the next wave will be stronger and have more unique skills. Don’t be surprised if you see a zombie that can breathe fire. This forces players to devise attack strategies that suit their current strength. Either way, you will be weaker than the horde of zombies aggressively rushing toward you.

  • Massive Hordes: They were as numerous as the Mongols invading the world. No matter how much you fight, you can’t eliminate it. Shooting an empty magazine can only kill a few animals.
  • Special Abilities: Unique zombie types with special abilities.
  • Dynamic Hordes: No two hordes are ever the same.
  • Horde Strategy: Use strategy and skills to overcome the undead.

Dead God Land v0.0.0231 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money, Max Lv) Download

Download (734M)

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