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  • Money increases on spending

1.) Unlimited capture even the uncapturable
2.) Run away and you win with your capture
3.) Unlimited capture chances
4.) Capture anything anywhere including online
5.) Unlimited team cost
6.) Weak enemies
7.) One-click training to max level
8.) Speed up to skip all boring parts

1.) Uncapturable monsters cannot be used in “online” fights, suggest you to group them in their own team panels. most if not all monsters that you get on “online” fights are uncapturable
2.) Similar to my old mod, I don’t do Ultra evolve, so no need to ask. If your monsters are already fully evolved, next training will add max +9, enjoy!

Assemble your squad, ready your beasts, and gear up for victory! Welcome to Neo Monsters, the nerve center of colossal monster-battling RPGs. Delve into the heart of this addictive strategy RPG that puts the reins of an epic 4v4 battle in your hands, challenging you to outwit your adversaries with unrivaled strategy and tactics. As you engage in this monster-battling expedition, be prepared to get lost in a whirlwind of capturing, training, evolving, and conquering.

Neo Monsters


Imagine a world where you’re presented with an awe-inspiring collection of over 1000 fully animated monsters, each with unique capabilities and unparalleled charm. This is the world Neo Monsters offers – a dynamic universe where a monster enthusiast can genuinely feel at home. However, owning these charming creatures is only the beginning of this exhilarating journey. The actual game kicks off as you train your squad, gradually unleashing the deadly potential hidden within each of your lovable beasts. And if that wasn’t thrilling enough, the hunt for elusive evolution ingredients promises to elevate your gaming experience. By garnering these ingredients, you’re one step closer to unlocking the ultimate power that promises to propel your monster squad into an unprecedented league of power and supremacy.

Neo Monsters


At its core, Neo Monsters is a strategic battle game that encourages tactful gameplay. Building your ultimate team of up to 16 monsters isn’t merely about collecting the strongest creatures but also assembling a team that works seamlessly together. The battles are intense, compelling you to engage in epic turn-based 4v4 encounters where every move, every choice, can make the difference between victory and defeat. Combine the unique abilities of your monsters to unleash devastating combinations that leave your adversaries dumbfounded. In Neo Monsters, the battlefield is your chessboard, and your strategy drives the game.

Neo Monsters


The engaging narrative of Neo Monsters is another feather in its cap. As you plunge into the game, you’re greeted with a sprawling adventure that offers more than 60 hours of gameplay. Six leagues await your conquest, each challenging you in new and unpredictable ways as you strive to earn the coveted title of Grand Champion. The journey is fraught with danger and excitement as you traverse diverse islands and dungeons, each holding secrets and challenges that only the bravest trainers can overcome. Moreover, the storyline offers an engaging subplot that reveals the shocking truth behind your late uncle’s deeds, adding emotional depth to your quest for victory.

Neo Monsters


The brilliance of Neo Monsters isn’t confined to its offline gaming. The online PvP leagues take the experience a notch higher by opening the doors to the world—battle against players from around the globe, testing your prowess against diverse tactics and strategies. With over 100 online missions at your disposal, there’s never a dull moment in this dynamic universe. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Neo Monsters also features weekly updated events, each promising bountiful rewards that can drastically boost your gameplay. This blend of offline and online gaming makes Neo Monsters an irresistible attraction for gamers.

Neo Monsters


Neo Monsters’ appeal stems from its seamless amalgamation of monster collection, strategy-based battles, compelling narrative, and robust online gaming. Every aspect of the game is designed to offer an immersive experience that keeps players hooked for countless hours. The thrill of building your monster team, honing their abilities, devising unbeatable strategies, delving into a captivating story, and rising through the ranks of the global leaderboard is second to none. Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for an entertaining escape or a hardcore strategist eager for an intellectual challenge, Neo Monsters promises an unmatched gaming experience that resonates with all types of players. A world of fun, thrill, and satisfaction awaits you in this unparalleled monster-battling RPG.

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