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The shooting action genre has always been awaited when its element of action and violence is always a joyous experience that every player is looking for. The world has appeared countless games with different gameplay, and each game is suitable for each other kind of player, so the player’s gameplay experience is rich and creative. This article will introduce StrikeBox, a first-person shooter action game with friendly graphics for the Android platform. The game is built on other games’ ideas but includes many more creative elements to make the player’s experience great and full of potential.

StrikeBox: Sandbox&Shooter


StrikeBox is a first-person shooter action game with competitive gameplay and requires a lot of individual skills. Players coming to this game will experience new shooting gameplay, but at the same time, they must know the combination of individual and team skills to achieve overwhelming victories. Not only fighting hard, but players will discover many new weapons in the game, and they all bring different feelings when pulling the trigger. Other events and activities of the game were also an excellent addition to the player’s experience. They always introduce new game modes and attractive weaponry, and so impressive costumes for characters and weapons. All of that content is the driving force for players to fight, and the game will continuously update new elements for players to explore and enjoy.

StrikeBox: Sandbox&Shooter


First-person action games always bring a different feeling than other games, so its control mechanism is essential. Many players feel that the touch control will be limited and lack precision, so StrikeBox will integrate with many functions so that the player’s accuracy is absolute. Moreover, players can personalize the control mechanism, change the interface, or customize the mechanics for a more enjoyable experience. The game will introduce either auto-aim or auto-fire, giving players greater flexibility and giving them good accuracy when shooting from long range. The gameplay of StrikeBox is highly tactical, so its mechanics are flexible and professional to enjoy an action FPS comfortably.

StrikeBox: Sandbox&Shooter


StrikeBox is a friendly FPS game, so the gameplay will have many different game modes to entertain players, combined with humorous elements to make the player’s experience richer. The creativity within the game modes constantly creates new elements while allowing players to relax after intense matches. The game’s main game mode is online PVP so the pressure will build up over time after each battle. Players can face complaints from their teammates so they will look to extra entertaining modes. The exciting thing is that the sub-modes always have their separate achievements, creating an incentive for players to continue to experience the game and their modes.


Before starting each match, players will have limited time to purchase and equip themselves with weapons or support items. The game does not have any separate weapon system, and players will have access to all weapons while enjoying the game. Weapons are neatly classified, and they all come with different prices for players to train economically in every situation. If the player team wins a round, they get a bonus and keep their weapons, while the losing team loses their weapon and has a smaller bonus. That is why strategy and individual skills are essential, and they will provide players with many benefits while purchasing equipment.

StrikeBox: Sandbox&Shooter


Events and activities are side-game modes for players to find and collect rare items and appear only on special occasions. The impressive thing is that they are all divided into different levels, and depending on the player’s level, they will receive a variety of rewards. Meanwhile, activities are personal challenges, where players practice their skills and unlock special achievements. The game’s creation frequently gives players many rewards and opportunities to improve, and even the game will always update the latest content for players to experience. Other elements will be improved continuously, like weapons, costumes, and maps, not just events or activities.

The FPS genre always brings a unique experience to the player compared to other games, thanks to the violence and entertainment that it brings on each frame. StrikeBox is a good game in many different factors, such as the graphics, gameplay, and content it brings to the player. Furthermore, the events and activities of the game are attended by other players, so most of the time, the player will spend time with other players. If you are looking for an FPS game to entertain your friends, this game will be a great choice.

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