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Reliable cell network coverage is absolutely essential in this digital age. If you need an accurate measurement of your internet speed, go no further than Speedtest by Ookla. All users can make use of its intuitive design, and in-depth analysis of download, upload, and ping times yields insightful data. The app’s popularity and reliability make it a top pick for anyone looking to test their internet speed. Users may remain connected, informed, and protected no matter where they are with these technologies.


The purpose of this app is to check the speed of users’ internet connections. Believe me when I say that its results are unparalleled in accuracy and value; I’ve used it previously. In light of my current situation, it provides me with more possibilities by precisely predicting whether my web browsing speed is fast or slow. Because of this, I am able to estimate how long it will take to download relatively large files without interruptions.

  • Verified Speeds: With its intuitive design and reliable functionality, keeping tabs on your network speeds is a breeze, so you know exactly where your connection stands at all times.
  • Look for Problems: Its user-friendly interface keeps tabs on your upload, download, and ping speeds, allowing you to address any connection problems that may arise.
  • On-Demand Testing: With OOKLA’s on-demand testing, you can get instantaneous feedback on your upload, download, and ping speeds if you notice a slowdown in your connection. This way, you can pinpoint the problem faster. If something is slowing down your internet speed, you may fix it quickly this way.


Occasionally, we face scenarios where our connection becomes unreliable, significantly affecting how efficiently we complete our tasks. Finding the source of the problem is usually a frustrating and challenging task. Whether your internet connection has recently gone down or is in need of some system upgrades, this app will come as a pleasant surprise by making it easy for you to investigate and pinpoint the cause.

  • Advanced Metrics: With OOKLA’s advanced metrics, you can examine your network performance in detail, allowing you to understand any issues that may jeopardize your connection.
  • Troubleshoot Problems: Quickly identify and fix connectivity issues for a problem-free online experience using troubleshooting.
  • Connection Consistency: To ensure a consistent and uninterrupted online experience, you should measure and qualify factors like jitter, packet loss, and latency to determine how stable and consistent your connection is.


The fact that the app can instantly provide a dedicated server for each user, no matter where they are, is really appreciated. We are able to connect to the local network with a constant internet speed because of this. What this implies is that you won’t have to worry about using a false ID to access the internet; you can access everything you want.

  • Local Servers: In order to get the best results, this app checks your network speed against hundreds of nearby servers. The rationale behind this is that it will provide you with the precise measurement and personalized suggestions for development that you require.
  • Remote Testing: Through the use of remote servers, you may verify speeds in different locations and conduct comprehensive network performance tests across different geographic areas.
  • Validate Any Network: You may evaluate performance across several networks and geographical areas to guarantee continual and dependable access, regardless of your location.


This app feature is great since it gives me the option to see how my internet speed stacks up against other users in my neighborhood. Especially when it comes to things that don’t appear to me directly, I find myself fascinated. My insatiable need to know whether my internet speed is the fastest or ranks among others is stated by this app.

  • Link Sharing: Rapidly disseminate test results by means of a link or image. It will be much easier for you and others to work together and talk about how well your network is doing with this.
  • Compare Performance: Using an app that allows you to compare your network performance to that of your friends, coworkers, and service providers is a great way to evaluate network performance. When discussing the network’s quality and potential changes, this tool can help you make informed conclusions.
  • Proof of Speed: You can easily provide evidence of your actual speeds to internet service providers or support teams to help with investigating and fixing any connection issues.

Speedtest by Ookla v5.4.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (41M)

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