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Busy people or those working in an industry that requires using many apps at the same time will probably feel very inconvenient and annoyed every time their phone lags because the machine is running a lot of RAM. This originates from the reason that users have used and turned on too many applications running in the background, leading to the device being overworked and as a result, our device becomes overheated and leads to lag on the device. However, KillApps really bring benefits to us, who often experience the uncomfortable feeling when our phones get too hot, in terms of convenience because, thanks to it, we can easily manage our phones. Manage apps running in the background. In addition, we also benefit a lot from properly controlling applications running in the background, which also helps our phone consume less battery and thereby helps increase the life of the device.


True to the main function for which this app was created, the publishers actually created this app with the purpose of keeping our phones from being overloaded when having to run too many applications at the same time. Basically, the app will limit the number of apps running in the background, and it can even force those apps to stop if they use too much RAM data. With a key feature like this, users can now safely focus on their work without worrying about too many apps running in the background, which will cause the phone to overheat and lead to reduced performance.

  • Force-stop apps: Closes unused apps to free up RAM and improve performance.
  • Conserve battery: Conserve battery life by stopping apps from draining power unnecessarily.
  • Customizable: Customizable options to select which apps to close or keep open.
  • One-tap interface: Simple one-tap interface for closing apps quickly.
  • Performance optimization: Helps keep the device running smoothly and responsively.


Another way for this app to control the number of apps running in the background is that the app will set passwords for some apps that need to be used. Users will freely choose passwords, and they can also decide for themselves which apps should have passwords. This brings an effect that is to control which applications need to use the device’s RAM.

  • Password protection: Creating a password is not easy to do to keep the app secure, but it also keeps a stable level of RAM running on the device.
  • Easy unlocking: Unlocking the password is also quite simple as it will be set by ourselves and of course we will set the keys that are easiest for us to remember.


Besides the main feature of controlling your device’s RAM, this app also has another use that is considered quite useful besides the main feature of the app. There will be times when users like us accidentally delete an important application and also delete all the important data in it, this app can actually restore all those applications. When using this app, users will be given a virtual space to store the applications they have previously installed, and if we accidentally delete them, we can always find them again and get them in this given space.

  • Backs up apps: In addition, it can also help users retrieve information or apps that they have accidentally deleted before.
  • Saves time: This is partly so we can get the necessary information that was lost and on the other hand, it also helps us save time when we don’t need to re-download the deleted app again.


In addition to this app having the ability to directly interfere with the operation of other applications, this is also a great tool to help manage the applications you already have on your device more easily. In more detail, this app will help us check how many other applications are installed and which application is currently using the most RAM.

  • Uninstall apps: With this app, we can track all the other apps we are using and take reasonable actions such as uninstalling them.
  • Detailed app info: In addition, it also shows some basic parameters that other apps are using such as its memory or the RAM it will use when starting up.

KillApps MOD APK v1.47.0 (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (11M)

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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