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– Libbased skinhack
Legendary mummy skin
Princess skin
Medium maskeli skin
White prince skin
Legendary korkusu skin
Anniversary skin
Legendary brilliant anniversary skin
Elf skin
Masked psychic robe skin
Iron tortoise skin
M4 Godzilla skin
Legendary M4 skin
AWM Godzilla skin
AKM Anubis skin
Legendary AKM Grafity fall skin
– Esp line
– Esp health
– Esp box
– Esp name
– Esp distance
– Esp skeleton
– Esp enemy count
– Esp bots/AI
– Esp items
– X kill effect (Default)
– X kill effect (Rainbow)
– X kill effect (Big size)
– Smoke color
– Bullets spread color
– WallHack (Remove objects/Show enemy)
– Remove shading
– Color shading (Purple)
– Removed/Yellow/Purple/Red fog
– Black sky
– Black body
– Desert map
– Yellow/Blue/Green player Hud
– AimBot visible 360°
– Silent aimbot 360°
Aim distance
Aim type (Bodyshot/Headshot)
Aim fov
Aim when (Shoot/Scope/Universal)
Aim trigger
Aim ignore knocked enemy
Prediction by aim


The new season of PUBG MOBILE LITE begins with an increase in player participation. The professional gunmen will work together to complete the island’s destruction mission. The system will arrange the game room for you to form a team quickly. When taking part in this dangerous campaign, players have a lot of options. The ultimate goal is to eliminate as many enemies as possible before time runs out. More campaigns will be organized to create new experiential content. Players must practice aiming and fighting in a variety of environments. The game’s features are identical to those of the original. However, the file size has been reduced to accommodate many devices.



The goal of the update is to improve the player experience using PUBG MOBILE LITE. As a result, interesting and exciting content will be noted for inclusion in the following section. With new parties, the winter festival has officially begun. To enjoy chicken in cold weather, players will join the Varenga war. On this special occasion, snow and ice-related challenges will be unleashed. Aside from that, some new combat items and weapons have been added to the collection. Frozen eggs can assist you in obstructing enemy vision. There’s a new way to get away from the chase. When Universal Mark is used, location information becomes more accurate.



In a match, the number of players skydiving in the sky of PUBG MOBILE LITE can reach 60. Even though it is a mini version, we maintain the original version’s quality. Following a successful landing, the player can begin running and looking for weapons. Buildings are excellent places to recharge. Players can experiment with a variety of battle modes. In a single match, you will not be respawned. When you reach the final seconds, the resources available will gradually increase. In addition, there are numerous challenges in the arena mode. Each player will form a team and compete in a 4:4 match. The main arena’s game rules are unlimited respawns. Players must defeat as many opponents as possible in the allotted time.



The hunt for weapons is a constant challenge in the game. Players must immediately find the appropriate weapon after landing. The first person to obtain the weapon will have a significant advantage over the others. You can make any opponent fear you. Because the battle area is large, players must carefully inspect all houses. Small mines and bombs can help you escape more quickly. In this game, guns and ammo are completely free. You must, however, check the amount of ammo before collecting. Furthermore, the gun will be placed in a visible location in the arena mode. When aiming, players have the option of using guns with pinpoint accuracy.



PUBG MOBILE LITE is still working on an anti-cheat system to ensure that all marksmen can compete fairly. They will take part in the most dramatic matches. To facilitate community interaction, the game currently supports 12 languages worldwide. The chat box allows players to communicate with the other members. You must pay attention to even the smallest sound when hiding, moving, or waiting for an opponent. When you find the right companions, teamwork becomes more effective. The system allows players to form teams at their discretion. You will continue to enroll in new events and seasons to accumulate a desirable list of accomplishments.

PUBG MOBILE LITE v0.26.0 MOD APK (Unlocked Skin, ESP, Mega Menu) Download

Download (700.14 MB )

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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