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Little Hero: is about survival battles against constantly besieging enemies with constantly upgraded skills. They will choose the skills they like to create a combination of power that no monster can withstand. In particular, each gameplay brings a certain attraction when they do not know what is waiting for them ahead, and if they complete the chapter successfully, a large number of resources will be sent to them. With them, powerful weapons and new stats will continuously be added to the character and help you conquer the heights in a fun way.


Little Hero: is a journey where players will accompany a cute, small character equipped with weapons to participate in the fight against monsters in large numbers. When starting gameplay, the player may notice that their number is quite small, but after a period of time, they can surround and destroy you at any time. This requires them to move continuously inside the arena to collect resources dropped by destroyed monsters. At the same time, you only need to focus on moving and picking up items, and the attacks will be performed automatically. As long as monsters approach you, they will be shot one by one.

  • Lots of different guns, explosives, and abilities to unlock and upgrade: Keeps gameplay exciting by providing new strategies and options.
  • Satisfying feeling when you acquire a new powerful weapon: Rewards players for progressing.


Resources will drop and help players continuously level up in Little Hero: The special right of leveling up is to choose the upgrades that you feel are appropriate. It could be new weapons or power systems that continuously assist you in destroying approaching monsters. In addition, besides that, there will still be a special skill system that is mainly supportive but does not create as many effects as the first type. You also know how many upgrade elements you have collected inside the menu, and you should choose wisely to create powerful attacks.

  • Team up with friends locally or online to take on challenges: Creates a social and collaborative experience.
  • Coordinate strategies and watch each other’s backs: Promotes cooperation and teamwork.


Another interesting point that will attract creative players is that Little Hero: provides a series of skills that are compatible with each other. Attack systems sometimes need to be accompanied by a passive skill to reach their full potential, and if upgraded to the maximum level, you can see how incredibly powerful these combinations can be. Therefore, when you receive an upgrade card, the system will notify you which skills it is suitable for so you can consider choosing. You sometimes don’t need to follow this if you’re looking to make a difference in the respective gameplay.

  • Diverse types of enemies with unique behaviors and abilities: Requires you to adapt strategies to deal with different threats.
  • Prevents repetitive gameplay against similar enemies: Keeps gameplay engaging with new challenges.


Before entering each match, players can see the three main indicators: damage, health, and loot. This is a permanent stat that you can prioritize upgrading, and it is different from the items and skills you receive in the game because they are usually reset when you go to a new stage. At the same time, each index will create certain advantages when you can destroy enemies with just a few shots, increase your survival rate at the end of the gameplay, or loot many experience points to increase your strength more quickly. You will have to consider upgrading because you will also have to worry about factors that will cost you money, such as equipment.

  • Unlimited replayability with new level layouts every time: Provides a fresh experience on each playthrough.
  • Levels are different in each playthrough: Adds variety and unpredictability.


When you complete a gameplay and corresponding missions, you will have enough resources to open different chests. With the level of luck, these chests will create a certain excitement for players because they will be surprised not to know what they will receive. Items from common to extremely rare will be able to come to you, but the condition is that you must open high quality chests to achieve this. Players can also combine low-tier resources to get higher items.

  • Gives you goals to aim for beyond just beating the game: Extends longevity and replay value.
  • Leaderboards let you compete with others for top scores: Create motivation to master the game.
  • Achievements reward you for mastering the game in different ways: Satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

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Download (92M)

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