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Perhaps there will be some people who feel that their lives are getting boring and they want to see more aspects of life. However, not everyone can discover all of those things because the rate at which we are likely to encounter those things is quite low. However, by playing the game Journeys: Romance Stories, players will discover many unusual situations and also participate in decisions in some dilemma situations. This game will provide players with many situations that they may only be allowed to see in movies, and the special thing is that their decisions in these situations will have a great impact on the ending of the story.


Here, there are many different situations for players to choose from, and these situations have a certain diversity. To take a typical example, the player may have to play the role of a famous character in the lake world who wants to have a peaceful life, or they will be able to play the role of a normal character who is searching for the love of their lives. Each situation will require players to have good situation analysis skills to be able to make appropriate choices.

  • Wide Variety of Genres: Depending on the player’s preferences, they will be able to choose a situation with a romantic theme or a dramatic theme.
  • Make Impactful Choices: While the story is progressing, there will be times when the game presents some situations that require the player to make choices. Their choices will likely lead to the next situation they will encounter.
  • Visual Novel Format: The game’s drawing and graphic style are also considered quite friendly. In fact, it makes players feel like everything is being replayed based on the novels they read.
  • Fresh Content: To retain their beloved players, developers always create more situations and stories. These new things are always updated every weekend.


Although my character will change through each story genre, the only change here is only in the character’s identity. The only thing that is retained here is the character’s appearance, which allows players to customize that appearance to suit their preferences.

  • Extensive Customization: Players can use the gold they collect in the game to buy more beautiful outfits for their avatars. These outfits will accompany that character through each chapter of the story.
  • See Yourself in the Story: By changing the character’s appearance, players will be allowed to see the character they edit, participating in many different types of stories to help bring more of a feeling like they are actually there in this story.
  • Unlock New Looks: Another way to get these outfits is for players to complete as many chapters as possible.


In the love stories included in the game, the player only has one main task, which is to make the story progress according to their wishes by answering or deciding through randomly appearing situations. Players here will have to build their relationship with the game character to become stronger in order to unlock the next scenes.

  • Complex Characters: The decisive choices the player makes will be remembered by the game and make the story go better or worse.
  • Shape Relationships: And of course, I won’t just have to build a good impression with a person to have a good relationship with them. I will be allowed to choose who I feel is suitable to build a relationship with.
  • Evolving Character Arcs: Based on their decisions, players may be able to unlock arcs hidden by the game.


To encourage players to continue playing this game more, the game developers have created a daily attendance feature. Players here just need to log in to the game to show that they are becoming loyal and playing the game every day. The reward for this is that the game will give players some beautiful outfits or extra gold so they can unlock more of their favorite chapters.

  • Complete Tasks for Bonuses: In addition to logging in, players can also receive more rewards by completing the tasks the game offers.
  • VIP Membership: Or if players feel they don’t have enough patience to unlock each chapter, they can unlock the vip membership feature. In this feature, users can access almost everything this game has to offer.

Journeys: Interactive Series v3.0.21 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) Download

Download (108M)

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