Hero Adventure: Dark RPG

Hero Adventure v0.61.0 MOD APK (Damage, God Mode, Money, Speed)

Hero Adventure: Dark RPG MOD APK – Immerse yourself in a grim, Victorian-era dungeon as the last hope against demonic forces.

App Name Hero Adventure: Dark RPG
Size 108M
Latest Version 0.61.0
MOD Info Damage, God Mode, Money, Speed
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MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money
  • Dumb Enemy
  • Ultra Rapid Fire
  • Shoot Range x5 (Enabled By Default)

A super exciting game when you get to play the role of superhero. Your mission is to overcome challenges and confront, destroy monsters. The game with many levels and increasing difficulty, stimulating exploration from players. Not only a normal fight, but this is a battle between heroes and demons, bringing an extremely attractive feeling. With beautiful and vivid graphics, Hero Adventure: Dark RPG will bring you great experiences. Use your strength, weapons, and combat ability to win and continue new battles.


A magical world with battles between players and an army of monsters. The game gives players a realistic, thrilling fighting feeling. With many heroic characters and many different monster objects, giving players a new feeling and new experience. Fight to be the strongest hero, protect your city from monster attacks.

  • Create your own unique hero: Players will choose their own hero character, each hero will have different skills and weapons. Before each match, players can choose and change the character as they wish. Choose the right character, play the role of a hero and use your power to fight and defeat the enemy.
  • Upgrade abilities: Through each match, players will upgrade themselves with great combat skills and advanced weapons. Your superhero will be stronger and stronger, with the ultimate fighting ability, providing a great experience. At the high level, monsters are also more dangerous and difficult to destroy; they will attack you more continuously and fiercely, creating tough and extremely intense battles.
  • High replayability: The game brings a new feeling with the difference of heroic characters. Characters in the game will be constantly upgraded and innovated; players will not be bored; on the contrary, they will be stimulated by the feeling of wanting to explore and conquer. Players will be attracted by the unique and unique features of each character through each match.


The superhero will fight non-stop, determined to defeat the enemy. Therefore, along with skills, tactics, and experience… players must use suitable weapons to fight and improve their ability to win. The use of appropriate weapons will help people show their super fighting ability and top-notch competition strategy and cleanly destroy the enemy.

  • Huge arsenal: The Arsenal has hundreds of guns, helping people freely choose the right weapon, showing their fighting ability, and bringing a sense of authenticity and attraction. Players will always have the opportunity to change tactics, ready to face all kinds of different monsters.
  • Customizable playstyle: Each weapon has a different function and fighting style, giving players a new feeling and freedom to express themselves.
  • Prepare for any threat: Choose and use suitable weapons to help players fight a variety of different types of monsters, avoiding attacks from enemies. Each hero character will match each different weapon, and the way of fighting is also different, from which the game always brings a new and attractive experience.


During the battle, players will have the opportunity to explore new lands. By fighting and collecting loot, players will upgrade and start more fierce battles. Your city will always be full of dangers, show your full combat ability of a superhero, fight non-stop and always upgrade yourself.

  • Passive ruby mining: There will be an army of mercenaries exploiting resources for the player when the player is free. This army will help you a lot during the match, take advantage of this support to win against the monsters.
  • Avoid grinding: There will be many ways for players to upgrade their combat level. Try to find rubies without manual sharpening, this will help players upgrade faster, discover new and attractive things.
  • Overflowing treasuries: During combat, be sure to collect rubies regularly, avoiding filling the stock. Rubies will appear throughout the battle, so players need to be focused and skillful to both fight and collect rubies.


Lost in a dark world full of different types of monsters, players must always focus on fighting. In this monster world, there are also many traps and challenges for you, so try to overcome them and fight hard with the enemy to bring victory.

  • Explore an endless dungeon: In each level, each corner will have unexpected challenges. The more you upgrade the game, the more dangerous the challenges will be and the stronger the monsters will be, stimulating the ability to fight and the instinct to discover new things.
  • Epic boss battles: Your opponents are more than just mediocre little monsters. At high levels, players will have to fight legendary monsters such as Cthulhu and The Vampire Lord. These will be extremely epic and exciting battles that will bring you great experiences.
  • Unexpected dangers: During the battle process, players will always encounter pitfalls and unexpected attacks from enemies. Always focus and pay attention, and use your superior fighting ability to dodge attacks and destroy enemies.


Your city is being attacked by an army of monsters. You are a superhero, and your mission is to destroy them and protect this city. During the game, they will not stop attacking you, so be very focused and show your top-fighting ability to win.

  • Intense shooter action: Fighting enemies is a monster, requiring players to have the ability to react quickly and dodge attacks to survive. You will confront an entire army; there are monster leaders with disdainful fighting power. Prepare your weapons and tactics well to win.
  • Quick decision-making: Monsters are very aggressive and will constantly fire at you. Try to move accurately and dodge well against attacks. Use your superior fighting ability to counterattack, launch accurate moves, and defeat enemies.
  • Test your skill: Show all the skills of a real hero. Use the right weapons along with top-notch tactics. The movement is skillful and accurate to avoid being attacked, preserving strength. Use your superior fighting skills to destroy monsters and become a winner. Protect the city and new lands.

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Download (108M)

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