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Until now, I still clearly remember my experiences with the game GTA San Address as if I had just finished enjoying that game. It can be said that that game was once a masterpiece, a game that everyone has played and enjoyed in the most fun way. Perhaps the publisher has also realized these things, and they have quietly developed a similar game that can also be considered an improved version of GTA San Address. With this upgrade, GTA IV has become a blockbuster similar to its foundation game and can also be considered a great success in everything from graphics to mission and weapon systems. are all upgraded to be clearly visible. I felt like all my memories were rushing back at once when experiencing GTA IV, and that feeling was truly indescribable.


Just like its previous version, this game did not disappoint players when it released a completely large map with an open world for you to roam and cause trouble freely. However, there is one point when compared to the map of the previous GTA version: GTA IV provides a map that is completely larger than its previous version with a lot of details, and everything seems to have been completely renewed. Don’t reuse what you already have. The city has also been built to look more like modern-day life, and there are some details you will probably find very familiar because the developer has based it on New York City in the US.

  • Massive New York City: The map here is considered the largest compared to other games at the same time, and every detail is recreated based on New York City.
  • Living world: With his talents, the developer has made the entire city in the game become extremely lively and eerily similar to real life.


Because it is a game that gives you all the freedom you need, the fact that you are allowed to choose a character as you want is no exception. However, the character system that the game provides will not be as diverse as you think because we can only make choices between objects with different skin colors. Besides, the game’s plot system is excellent. All the missions that the game provides are said to not be too complicated so that players can focus more on the game’s plot. Part of what makes story mode so great I think is the voice acting of the characters, they really sound real.

  • Colorful characters: The game did not forget to add an element of anti-racial discrimination into the game by letting us choose the skin color of the character as we like.
  • Reliable performances: The NPCs here are all voiced by pretty good voices, making everything much more lively.


Games have quite a few ways to play depending on us and how we enjoy them. There are people who will choose to enter the game and try to complete all the assigned missions in story mode to unlock information about the final goal of the game, or there are people who will enter the game and completely disrupt the city. just for the purpose of relieving their stress. Although each person will have their own reason for playing the game, that is enough to show that GTA is a game worth playing because of its flexibility.

  • Side activities: Besides the fact that we are only allowed to play one story version in the game, we can still completely discover secret missions in free mode.
  • Shooting emphasis: Compared to the old version of the game, GTA IV has had more upgrades in its shooting and hiding mechanisms.


This is definitely the point I like most about this game. The game allows us to create our own servers and create our own rules there. Those who participate in the game will have to comply with the rules set forth there and become a true citizen of the city. This is so true that you will never dare to do things that are against the law because then you will have other players, who are appointed as police officers, chasing you frantically until you die. You are released right where you should be, which is prison.

  • Open world chaos: Every time a new server is established for the purpose of playing together, everyone has the right to join it and the number of players can be up to 15 people.
  • Replayability: Here, you can replay your cool moments, like flying a plane through 2 buildings.

GTA 4 / Grand Theft Auto IV v0.1 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (400M)

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