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Evoland 2 v2.2.0 APK (Full Game)

Evoland 2 Mod APK is a role-playing game that offers a unique experience, allowing players to explore different eras of video game history, from 2D black and white to 3D graphics.

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One of the hero’s epic journeys will end, and another will begin immediately. Each new adventure of the hero is as exciting as the last. You cannot predict the challenges you will encounter on your journey because you are the explorer. When you arrive at Evoland 2, you will better understand these guiding principles, and you may discover that what you seek on your journey is not always what you expect.

Evoland 2


Although it has been around for a long time and has gone through many different PC versions, Evoland 2 has always retained its uniqueness as an adventure game from its era. Users can now access this series of games more efficiently since the mobile version is complete. Although many years have passed, the adventure knight’s journey continues. Users now have a better time playing this game due to upgrades and modifications.

Evoland 2


To become the hero of the great treasure hunt, you must be willing to embark on a long and arduous journey alone. On this tricky journey, you will encounter both labyrinths and dungeons. If you get through them all, you’ll find some valuable stuff at each stage’s end, customary to recognize and praise deserving people. You can overcome even the most demanding challenges this kingdom presents if you believe in your strength and the power of your sword. The gameplay is simple and comparable to other classic games, so all you have to do to get started is attentively follow the on-screen prompts.

Evoland 2


Many items and equipment will be available for purchase at featured retail locations. You will exchange gold coins for different things throughout the game. Gold coins can be obtained by completing various quests and challenges. After you have enough money, you can buy all the necessary equipment. You can damage a large group of high-level enemies using these terrible swords. The best artisans in the world make these blades. If you can’t join the fight, use a health potion to aid your recovery.

Evoland 2


The story will take you to a new world every time you complete a mission. This world will completely overhaul from 2D pixel graphics to breathtaking 3D visuals. You’ll need to adjust to the new environment and your playstyle accordingly. The 3D element, as well as the amount of animation stolen from other games, is remarkable. In addition, the creator of the game has put the exciting gameplay of Super Mario into this game. If you smash the bricks while in the air, you can jump on top of them to protect yourself from your opponents and earn some extra coins. A game with tons of worlds that’s incredibly engaging and has the potential to drive the player base crazy.

Evoland 2


People will need a supportive network of friends to help them complete these challenges because doing it alone is much more difficult. A blue-haired girl with extremely high wound-healing ability, she will be the one to help you bandage the wound most professionally. The invulnerable purple guy is your most trusted ally. He didn’t tire of fighting demons like the others. Furthermore, his knowledge will help you better understand the challenges you may face in the future.

Evoland 2


  • Time-traveling adventure: The game takes the player on a journey through different eras of video game history, from the 8-bit era to modern 3D graphics.
  • Dynamic gameplay: As you progress through the game, new gameplay mechanics and features are introduced, keeping the experience fresh and engaging.
  • Multiple game genres: Evoland 2 combines various game genres such as action, adventure, puzzle-solving, and role-playing, offering a varied gameplay experience.
  • Story-driven experience: The game has a well-developed storyline that features memorable characters and engaging dialogue, taking players on a journey through time and space.
  • Customization options: Players can customize their characters by choosing different weapons, armors, and items.
  • Multiple endings: The game features multiple endings that depend on the player’s choices throughout the game.
  • Hidden secrets: There are many hidden secrets and Easter eggs to discover, rewarding players who explore the game thoroughly.
  • Retro visuals and sound effects: The game’s graphics and sound effects evolve as the player progresses through different eras, giving an authentic feel of each era.

Evoland 2 v2.2.0 APK (Full Game) Download

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