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Dye Hard - Color War v0.10.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping, No ADS)

Dye Hard: Color War Mod APK – Put your team’s colors on everything in your immediate environment. Participate in the war of the hues!

App Name Dye Hard - Color War
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Dye Hard revolves around paint attack battles where players will try to become the winner with clever attacks and strategies. The player will join with his teammates to attack the opponent’s tower, turn the opponent’s team’s color white, and occupy previously painted areas. In particular, tactics will change constantly, and players will need to take advantage of what they have along with their skills to survive the longest and maintain the safety of the tower. Powerful weapons will create diverse strategies and attacks, and players will have to find pieces to increase their power.


Dye Hard brings three players together to form a party, and that player’s job is to make the white field the color you get at the start of the level. This job is not as easy as you think because players of other color groups will try to do the same job. Therefore, different strategies will be needed to become a winner and it requires players to combine well with other players. Of course, the first thing you need to do is not to go alone because you can become easy prey for the opposing team.

  • Advanced fluid simulation: Advanced fluid simulation technology is used to create stunning visual effects when painting.
  • Vibrant graphics: Vibrant, colorful graphics bring the paint battles to life.
  • Fully paintable environments: Fully paintable environments let you cover everything in vivid color.


When starting the level of Dye Hard, players will not enter the game directly but will be taken to a tutorial level where they know the main goal they need is to destroy the tower. The Tower is considered a colorless place that players can use indefinitely to attack and paint the field into different colors. Therefore, this element is considered an important target to protect and is often targeted by other players. Just destroy a team’s tower, and then immediately, that team will be the losing team, so sometimes you will feel angry because you are still doing your job, and then your color disappears. This is proof that your tower has been completely destroyed.

  • Endless dye: Endless supply of dye to paint non-stop.
  • Paint diving: Dive into paint puddles to move faster and restore health.
  • Paint capturing: Use paint to capture structures and defeat enemies.
  • Creative painting: Creative way to interact with environments and other players.


With only 3 players, how will you protect the tower? The completely simple answer is to use colored paint-powered turbines. Specifically, the player will shoot paint into the tanks of the turrets, and when they are full, they will become active and identify enemies to attack. The amount of paint in the tank decreases with each shot until there is nothing left, and this is also a weakness that other players can take advantage of. As long as there is paint, these turrets will be operated even if they are in your team’s area; they can still attack you if they are painted with a different color.

  • Squad battles: Join squads and battle enemy teams.
  • Strategy coordination: Coordinate with teammates to devise battle strategies.
  • Base capturing: Capture towers and bases together through teamwork.
  • Paint fights: Exciting competitive and cooperative paint fights.


Besides the main game mode, which is full of coordination and surprises, players should also try experiencing battle royale mode. Of course, this mode is not as long as the basic mode, but it still creates interesting points as players will continue to paint the field with their colors. If you are not careful, you will lose immediately because everyone only has one chance, and you should use the skills you receive and combine them with moves to avoid attacks. There are also crates containing items scattered throughout the environment that need you to destroy.

  • Outfit customization: Personalize your character with different outfits and styles.
  • Color schemes: Choose unique color schemes to match your squad.
  • Custom designs: Stand out on the battlefield with your custom designs.
  • Personality expression: Express your personality through your in-game avatar.


The weapons in this game are completely diverse, and they will possess different attacks based on indicators such as damage, speed, accuracy, and range. There are some guns that will hit with a strong attack, but it takes time to get the next attack. Others can continuously spray paint, but their range is sometimes not far, and the player can easily get into the enemy’s sights. At the same time, players will need to collect each piece of the weapon to upgrade. This is not a completely new mechanism, but it makes players want to spend a lot of time upgrading their weapons. Therefore, after upgrading, they will be urged to participate in the game to immediately test the effectiveness of the gun.

  • Easy to learn: Easy to pick up and start playing immediately.
  • Fluid painting: Designed for accessible, fluid paint gun controls.
  • Action-focused: Allows you to focus on the action, not complex inputs.
  • Smooth learning: A smooth learning curve welcomes both casual and hardcore gamers.

Dye Hard - Color War v0.10.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping, No ADS) Download

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