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DRAGON QUEST is one of the games of the first generation of the game industry and is also one of the popular games. Are you one of those people who like this series? If the player is a fan of this series, it is impossible not to know the DRAGON QUEST VI game, which is a very famous game. In this game, the creative team has added a lot of new features for players to experience. But the game has been in production since 1995, and it’s been a long time since then, so not many people remember this game. However, SQUARE ENIX decided to revive the game by releasing a mobile version of the game. As soon as this news appeared, many players were looking forward to experiencing this legendary game. So if the player wants to relive memories, this game is something made for the player.



The game’s story begins with the image of a woman and a man approaching the demon king Murdaw’s castle. The woman used ocarina to summon a dragon and, along with the man, invaded the demon king’s palace. Both of them wanted to exterminate the demon king to protect the world, but their power was not enough to do that. All three were killed, and suddenly he woke up in a strange place, turning out everything that just happened was a dream. He doesn’t remember anything about his past, and why I’m here, he realizes that next to him is a girl who claims to be his sister. He learned that this place was Weaver’s Peak, and he was tasked with finding a crown to prepare for the Mountain Spirit Festival. On his journey, he accidentally falls into a hole, and this place coincides with a way to the other world. In this world, he could see everyone, but people could not see him, after a while, he finally found a way to return. After receiving the crown, the ceremony was held, and during the ceremony, he saw a vision of a demon coming to take over the world. He believed that this would come true, and the hero sought a way to prevent this from happening.


Search for companions

On your journey, the player will have to go through a lot of battles to achieve the goal. If the player does it alone, it will be very dangerous and hard to complete. Players do not do it alone but will have a lot of reliable team members to support each other. During their journey, players will have to go through many lands and meet a lot of NPCs and can invite them to their team. These people may be warriors wandering or amnesia like you; they all have the same purpose of fighting. With the help of these teammates, it will be a lot easier for players to complete the game.

Gambling to make money

In this game, not only fighting is all, but the game also has a minigame for players to entertain. The form of the game is to play slot machines game arranged in the Casino for players to play. But as in gambling, the element of luck is indispensable, if you’re lucky, you can earn money, but if unlucky, you can lose money. But if the player loses, what the player has tried will fail and no money to use. The presence of this minigame has made the game more enjoyable for players to experience.


Upgrade characters and unlock classes

When the group reaches Alltrades Abbey, they will be able to choose one of the types to start the game. Here, players can practice upgrading their selected class. Players will have to go through a lot of battles to be able to make what they have chosen to level up. Each class will be divided into level plates, and each level promotion, the player must experience a battle. Players can combine the two existing classes to create a new class to increase the combat power of the character. For example, if the player is proficient in Warrior and Martial Artist, the player will unlock Gladiator with high physical strength. Also, some particular types can benefit the entire team, such as Sage, reducing the amount of MP needed.

Dragon Quest VI v1.1.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (178M)

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