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Dragon King – Super Warrior is a non-stop action RPG game. Gather the forces of good and join the fight against the forces of evil living in the mythical kingdom. Another legendary beast is the dragon. The dragon is often represented as a giant snake compared to other reptiles. Moreover, dragons can possess special powers in sensitive times. Although they often have extraordinary psychic or magical talents, dragons are difficult to control. But the game will provide its players with unique characters capable of summoning and capturing dragons. Don’t worry if you are a beginner; characters can summon dragons and use their abilities in battle.


You can see the scene of a rich land that is also the home of dragons in Dragon King – Super Warrior. Humans fought to defeat the dragons. However, some people aspire to be able to become friends with the dragon loaf. From this moment, people who want can understand a lot about dragons and want to live with them. You will become fearsome warriors armed with swords and spears to fight evil. Marvel at the wilderness where dragons maintain order. Keep everyone safe. Set out-of-the-box goals and discover unusual dragons. Gather a group of strangers together and watch them become best friends. There are thousands of famous weapons to collect. Create a paradise where dragons can live peacefully.

Dragon King – Super Warrior


The plot of Dragon King – Super Warrior is simple but exciting. As the game progresses, the player can increase the level and difficulty of his character. You will discover the real world of dragons and the touching stories of friendship and love that unite them, especially in Dragon King – Super Warrior. Are you brave enough, Super Soldier, to face any battle alongside the Dragon King? Seek a throne on the continent of dragons and humans. He considers himself a hero for the people. Make the dragon world a better place for all its inhabitants.

Dragon King – Super Warrior


Once you’ve equipped your dragon, character, and supplies, move on to the battle screen. Each level has a combat limit, which you exploit to your advantage by carefully choosing the best mix of abilities before entering battle. Combine simple operations to create powerful attacks. When facing such formidable opponents, always use the necessary defenses and plan strategically. Every fight requires skill in commanding the Champion while keeping an eye on the enemy’s moves. Never succumb to evil by showing weakness. Protect yourself in risky situations. By calming your mind, you can develop a better plan of action.

Dragon King – Super Warrior


Your fighting ability will gradually improve as you use the treasures earned by completing levels. Also, focus on getting the highest score on the fame board to ensure your perfect winning hero gets the best possible loot. This will allow you to expand your hero roster and instantly find the right gear for any hero you control. Participate in these events regularly to reap the positive benefits. Prepare yourself for a new day filled with the endless wealth of Dragon King – Super Warrior.

Dragon King – Super Warrior


The two main types of characters are dragons and heroes. Show your strength as a dragon land warrior using your character’s controls. To become more effective in battle and hone your skills, you must seek natural resources to assist you. To succeed, you must first uncover the enemy’s vulnerabilities at each level and choose the right hero to exploit those holes. The action on the screen and the characters’ movements are always perfectly coordinated. You must carefully choose the upgrade to make for each hero you acquire. You can spin the wheel of fortune or go inside the business to see the most recent messages. Give a comprehensive list of all the heroes you should collect now.

Dragon King - Super Warrior v1.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Energy) Download

Download (76 MB)

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