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  • Dumb Ennemies(God Mod)

Dead Raid immerses players in battles with zombies with different appearances. These appearances will often affect their movement, attack power, and resistance level when you continuously attack with bullets. At the same time, they always have weaknesses that you can exploit to destroy them more quickly, and weapons are created to do this. Each type will bring a special experience to you, and if you want assassination gameplay, then try using sniper and standing on a tall building.


Dead Raid has the style of the rail shooter games you’ve been playing with a very simple approach mechanism that doesn’t require too much skill. The character will be automatically oriented in areas with different interior designs and sizes, and your job is to kill monsters in those areas. Of course, since you are the only human, they can smell it and constantly move towards you. You will be caught up in each battle when no one expects these zombies to be able to approach and cause damage to the character they control.

  • Upgrade to be stronger: You can increase your firepower to destroy enemies in minutes.
  • Suitable weapons: By mastering different equipment, the player will become a sheep or a monster.


Similar to other zombie games, the monsters in Dead Raid all have different appearances because of the pandemic that broke out and infected the entire society. So, from civilian zombies to those equipped with protective equipment. They are not dangerous zombies, but there are variations of zombies that can cause great damage to you if they approach at close range. For example, there is a zombie that looks chubby, like an obese person, and if it explodes, it will immediately cause large amounts of damage to the surrounding area.

  • Kill bloodthirsty zombies: If you don’t fight, you will be the one to be eaten by the undead.
  • Enemy strength increases: No longer moving slowly, monsters continuously get stronger and faster.
  • Aim for the critical point: Your skills will continuously improve over time and become the destined enemy of zombies.


Weapons alone are completely insufficient to destroy these monsters and require the player’s aiming skills. They will identify the fatal parts of each type, and most civilian zombies will be the heads. At the same time, more powerful variants will have parts that deal more damage to you, and these parts will often have highlights. You just need to aim at it to release energy, and these zombies will be destroyed with the energy they store in their bodies. From there, you will also know the priority level in destroying enemies that constantly move towards you.

  • Unique personal experience: Fear can always appear at any time, but you are ready to overcome it.
  • Accurate to every bullet: By showing off your abilities, taking down zombies becomes much easier.
  • The fear is always overwhelming: In a post-apocalyptic world, you can lose yourself at any time if you are not careful. 


It can be seen that a zombie battle cannot ignore interesting experiences with each type of gun. The Pistol is always the most basic and can fire close-range shots, and it is ineffective when you are facing many monsters. Therefore, rifles will often be an alternative weapon with a faster firing speed and can destroy a series of opponents right before their eyes. The sniper shooting experience will often be different from other types of guns because the location you stand on will often be on tall buildings, and dangerous zombies will often be killed with fatal shots.

  • Clear areas quickly: You can proceed to conquer and make everything yours.
  • Accurate to survive: With your shooting ability, you can stay in battle for a long time.
  • Always be ready: Players need to be careful while fighting unexpected attacks from many sides.

Dead Raid v1.10.1 MOD APK (Menu, Dumb Ennemies) Download

Download (145M)

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