Broken Dawn:Tempest

Broken Dawn: Tempest v1.11.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency, Energy)

Survive and expose the conspiracy in Broken Dawn: Tempest Mod Apk – an intense ARPG shooter with stunning 3D graphics.

App Name Broken Dawn: Tempest
Size 56M
Latest Version 1.11.0
MOD Info Unlimited Currency, Energy
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  • Unlimited Energy

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One of the Cartel’s secret research viruses has been leaked, leading to a horrifying zombie virus outbreak that has forced cities to be sealed off. Both the government and the Cartel have resorted to eliminating all survivors in an effort to contain the epidemic. Our goal is to expose their misdeeds in this thrilling mobile ARPG shooter. This is the world of Broken Dawn: Tempest.


Broken Dawn: Tempest contains 30 beautifully crafted map scenes that leap off the screen in stunning 3D graphics typically only seen in PC quality games. Players traverse ruined city streets, creepy sewer tunnels, abandoned hospitals brimming with infected, and even a ghost town amusement park now overrun with the living dead. Each map provides new environmental challenges and strategic considerations as players take on zombies, mercenaries, and mutated boss creatures. With 30 uniquely designed locales to battle through, players will never get bored crushing skulls and spines across a variety of post-apocalyptic hot zones.


Armed with an arsenal of upgradable firearms, players blast back hordes of writhing corpses in gritty, close quarters combat. Zombies lunge from around corners, crash through windows, and spill into areas by the dozens. Mercenaries wielding military grade weapons arrive on the scene via armored transports. Players must constantly be on the move, firing rounds into heads, seamlessly swapping weapons, and deploying explosives in a deliciously violent ballet of carnage. Blood splatters across the camera lens as bodies disintegrate from shotgun blasts in brutal, visceral fashion. This is action packed zombie destruction at its finest.


Broken Dawn: Tempest represents one of the most visually impressive zombie shooters ever produced for mobile devices. Characters and environments pop with incredible detail and realistic physics. Maps are sprawling and intricately designed down to the smallest objects. Zombies move with fluid, lifelike motion. Weapons, armor, clothing, and accessories change characters’ appearances significantly. Severed limbs, dangling organs, and charred zombie corpses litter areas in the wake of battles. The game engine smoothly renders dozens and dozens of entities at once with no loss of performance. In a sea of mobile titles crippled by mediocre graphics, Broken Dawn: Tempest stands in a class all its own when it comes to visual splendor.


Broken Dawn: Tempest takes the standard zombie shooter template and adds fresh mechanics that make slaying the undead more dynamic and rewarding. A robust character progression path allows deep customization of attributes and abilities that dramatically alter combat strategies. Random event pop ups dynamically change environments during battles. Limited time challenges and rescue missions provide temporary boosts upon completion. Varied zombie classes, destructible environment elements, side tasks, collectibles, and special weapons give players interesting choices moment to moment. Rather than repetitively mowing down mindless zombies, players can tailor rewarding experiences with diverse options not typically offered in comparable mobile titles.


Upon first launching Broken Dawn: Tempest, what immediately impresses is just how polished everything feels. The menu system is intuitive and visually pleasing. Tutorials organically teach game mechanics within opening missions. Controls are tight and responsive with robust customization. Audio mixes convincing gunfire reports with screams of the undead for perfect zombie ambience. Challenging difficulties promote replayability while adjustable options welcome casual players. Generous rewards encourage progression without excessive grinding. Though independently produced, Broken Dawn: Tempest exhibits a layer of polish triple A studios would envy. This is a mobile title conceived by gamers for gamers.


While the growing mobile marketplace teems with zombie shooters of varying quality, Broken Dawn: Tempest manages to stand out as one of the most feature rich, content packed, graphically impressive zombie games available. With 30 huge maps to fight through, tons of weapons and items to unlock, randomized events, deep character progression, leaderboards, and multiple difficulty modes, this is a game players will continue enjoying for dozens of hours. Additionally, the developer continues rolling out new content and features in regular updates at no cost, increasing the value proposition further. For the price, no other mobile shooter delivers as much intense action, horrifying thrills, and lasting fun as Broken Dawn: Tempest. This is easily one mobile gaming’s crowning achievements in the undead action genre.

Broken Dawn: Tempest v1.11.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Currency, Energy) Download

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