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Arena Breakout APK is a mobile tactical FPS. Featuring a deadly open world called the Dark Zone, Arena Breakout allows you to become an honorable task force member or an unscrupulous rogue.

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Shooting has always been one of the games that receives a lot of support from players. If you are also a player who loves the shooting game genre, then Arena Breakout: Realistic FPS will be a name you should not miss. This top FPS-style shooting game involves engaging in tactical role-playing situations. Season 3 of this game is in full swing, and you need to rush into it now.


The game will continuously release new features to give its players a new experience. This update includes a completely new battle map. It will be set in a television station with a tight space and many nooks and crannies to hide. Many of Kamona’s secrets are hidden deep inside the vault of this map. Battles will be needed to reveal the secret.

  • Danger Around Every Corner: Brand new close-quarters TV Station map enables intense firefights.
  • Secrets in the Vault: The deep vault holds secrets and loot for those who can breach it.
  • High Alert Combat: Danger around every tight corner keeps players on high alert.


Not only will it provide its players with a new map, but new challenges will also appear. On your journey to attack the vault, you will need to directly confront 3 new Bosses including Kurt, Rolf and Bernard. They possess a special source of power that allows them to attack anyone who violates their territory. They are formidable challenges designed to stop you on your way to the game’s vast vaults.

  • Meet the New Bosses: Three new bosses named Kurt, Rolf, and Bernard aggressively guard the vault.
  • Breach Their Defense: Defeating them is the only way to access the elevator and vault’s secrets.
  • Toughest Adversaries: These are the most challenging adversaries yet standing in the way of the big prizes.


Many players may be feeling nervous about the new map or new challenge, but they will also have new advantages. The game has prepared its players with a new weapon system, with Bullpup guns with good attack ability and mobility. Typically, for this new gun line that players can experience, they will be able to mention the names Groza and FAMAS. Not only that but in narrow terrain that requires close combat, the AUG rifle and Suomi submachine gun will also be more effective.

  • New Rifles for CQB: New bullpup assault rifles like Groza and FAMAS for demolishing foes.
  • Close Range Domination: Fresh AUG rifle and Suomi submachine gun dominate close-range.
  • Advanced Firepower: More advanced firearms to conquer close-quarters combat.


And to be able to upgrade the player’s action role-playing journey to become more intense than ever, the competitive mode is extremely necessary. At the beginning of the match, players will need to choose a side and confront their opponents directly on the journey to the vault. The side that can reach the vault sooner will be the winner. That’s why every second that passes in this battle will need to be accelerated so that the opponent cannot get ahead. And to be able to optimize time effectively in matches, possessing a strategy and the ability to coordinate with teammates is really important.

  • Race to the Vault: Choose a faction and compete to breach the vault before opponents.
  • Instant Action: Close proximity to rival teams makes for instant action.
  • Coordinate to Win: Coordination and teamwork are decisive for securing the big prize.


In addition, the game will also equip its players with many other attractive combat features. In battles, if you can defeat your opponents, you will be able to plunder their weapons. The final task that the game wants its players to be able to develop their abilities is to end their match with survival and collect valuable gifts from the battle. Escaping, collecting rewards, and trying to survive will make you more successful.

  • Tactical Looting: Tactical looting skills and combat ability are important.
  • Escape with Rewards: Escape alive with loot to win major rewards.
  • Path to Extraction: Plotting the best extraction path even while engaging enemies.

Arena Breakout v1.0.136.136 APK (Latest) Download

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