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High Meat Rewards
Energy Injection

How to use: When Not enough energy Popup is showing, its automatically refills energy to Max.

Wolf: The Evolution simulates your jungle life as the pack leader. Players need to role-play and complete the task of a leader, creating opportunities for the herd to grow. The forest will have many other animals living together; you will fight with them or cooperate to survive. Any situation can cause wars; players need to defeat the opponent and return safely. Other activities related to wolves are also implemented. We have fixed the mistakes made in this version to make the experience space better.


Each land will find a boss animal, and in Wolf: The Evolution, the player can take that position. Many different animals will inhabit the forest; you will have to compete to win delicious prey. Players will log in and observe life from a 3rd person’s perspective, visually feeling what’s going on. You can increase the size of the pack by creating more cubs. Besides, exciting training sessions can help you improve your ability and lead the newly grown wolves well.


There will be explosive wars in Wolf: The Evolution’s forest, which is a confrontation between animals. Your opponent can be a leopard, tiger, or some other beast. Players can choose between fighting alone or taking on team missions. The system will evaluate your ability and distribute rewards according to the number of skills you launch. Achievements can be improved after just one match but can also be lost if you get knocked down too many times. Therefore, hunting trips need to be organized more; players will have the opportunity to participate in hundreds of battles and show their abilities.


A player leads each character in Wolf: The Evolution. Your encounters can help you find allies or enemies. However, the quest to make friends still needs to be completed as soon as possible. Players receive to-do lists from the system and must complete them to receive rewards. You will be suggested important content or directed in advance on the plan to use. The scope of activities and tasks to be completed will involve teammates, hunting trips, and training sessions.


Wolf: The Evolution will make different requirements regarding abilities and other factors that determine your role in the jungle. However, players also need to create a perfect leaderboard with the completion of all assigned tasks. Each fight with other animals will be a classic confrontation to find out who owns the green forest. Players will implement a plan to increase the number of the herd and train other wolves to become strong. This will be a hopeful meeting with players from all over the world.

Wolf: The Evolution MOD APK v1.96 (High Meat Rewards, Unlimited Energy) Download

Download (87M)

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