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Truck Simulation 19 gives you an open racing world filled with challenging elements from weather and unexpected obstacles. With our epic comeback, you have more opportunities to buy trucks with extreme speed. Our safe rush mode greatly reduces the collisions and accidents experienced by players. Enjoy all the thrills with us on the passes with beautiful and majestic scenery.


Truck Simulation 19 returns with an epic collection of vehicles with many modern options for you to experience. Players have everything easier with automatic cockpit functions, air horns, and autopilot with pre-set routes. You should own the full range of cars we have added, as this is the trump card for all your adventure races in the big competitions. Not only take on racing duty, but you also have to make the delivery safely and on time. We categorize various goods with large weights, bulky sizes, and fragile materials for you to try. Although the amount of goods is difficult to move, you have to transport them on difficult roads, and we require you to have good driving skills to overcome steep slopes.


Your driving squad should also add new members to make transportation more convenient in bad weather conditions. Snowstorms or tropical storms can interfere with your vision, so players should choose drivers with good driving skills and experience. You should take a break at the rest stops and fill up with gas for the next station. Many of the new places you pass through have their own set of laws and speed rules. Players are not allowed to participate in a race that exceeds the specified speed because they will be immediately disqualified from the track.


  • Wide range of trucks and trailers to choose from, each with unique characteristics and capabilities.
  • Various types of cargo to transport, including livestock, heavy machinery, and hazardous materials.
  • Realistic physics simulation that takes into account factors such as weight, momentum, and traction.
  • Dynamic weather conditions, including rain, snow, and fog, that affect driving conditions and visibility.
  • Day and night cycles that impact gameplay and create a more immersive experience.
  • Realistic road network and traffic patterns, including toll booths, rest stops, and roadblocks.
  • Fuel management system that requires players to plan their journeys and manage their resources carefully.
  • Range of missions and challenges to undertake, including time trials, cargo delivery, and emergency response scenarios.
  • Customizable controls and difficulty settings to suit different players’ preferences.
  • Detailed in-game map with GPS navigation system to help players find their way and plan their routes.
  • Multiplayer mode that allows players to connect and compete against each other in real-time.

Truck Simulation 19 v1.7 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download

Download (761M)

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