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A large number of “soldiers” is a necessity for many war games. Therefore, creating a huge cast of characters with different appearances is difficult. Therefore, manufacturers often use rods in this category. Rods have the advantage of being easy to create while still having a large range of motion. If you apply this shape, you will not be bored even if you have a hundred soldiers under your command. A large army inspires confidence and determination in war. Stickmen of Wars will appeal to fans of multiplayer games.


Stickmen of Wars seems to be a great role-playing game. It was a groundbreaking event for mobile first-person shooters. Players will have the opportunity to participate in intense gunfights like never before. It’s a tactic to show your authority and win the respect of your opponent. The appeal of Stickmans of Wars partly stems from the combination of humorous stickman characters with a realistic military context. The warriors in this game fight as soldiers for their country. All of their attacks are part of a larger military strategy. That is, they are armed citizens who protect the safety of their country.

Stickmans of Wars: RPG Shooter

When you join Stickmans of Wars, the possibilities are unlimited. Like before, the player’s main objective is to lead his army into battle and wipe out the opposition. You also have to collect materials to improve outposts and military equipment. Those just side actions to ensure you have enough potential to take on a steadily growing opponent. Stickmen of Wars includes various dangers beyond human opponents. There are times when you have to fight a pack of aggressive wolves. A life spent in the snow has honed the wolf’s survival instincts to perfection. Keep your composure in the presence of this beast.

Stickmans of Wars: RPG Shooter


Never have too many guns without military-themed shooting games. Stickmen of Wars offers a variety of weapons for players to collect, including pistols, AKs, and UZI. Pistols are also available with various damage abilities. Furthermore, in Stickmans of Wars, players can increase their arsenal by combining similar items. You can also store ammunition to improve your shooting performance gradually. These games are typical of any traditional first-person shooter, and each method is intended to give you an edge over your opponent. Don’t pass up this opportunity to grow your business and reserve.

Stickmans of Wars: RPG Shooter


Each soldier carried a bundle of firewood on their back. This is the construction material for our army’s fortifications. While this is being recorded, there is no pause in the action. Players should collect as much wood as possible simply because wood is very precious in this cold country. The wooden houses were used as both civilian and military residences. In addition to storing food and weapons, it had many other uses. Your base can consist of multiple houses or tents. Bring a small tent to make a makeshift kitchen. Maybe an ambulance-proof house? Make sure your troops are not in danger.

Stickmans of Wars: RPG Shooter


In Stickmen of Wars, players can collect materials. This is a backend activity that must be maintained at all times. This resource collection can begin immediately in standards mode. For starters, the player can obtain materials by defeating enemies. When an opponent is killed, they often drop money and expensive things. Pick up this loot instead of leaving it out in the cold snow. Because the gameplay is so simple, it is easy to erase the game. To win, you have to aim and shoot at your opponent. If you suffer any injuries, seek out your battle buddies and collectors; they can give blood so you can keep fighting and collecting.

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Download (88M)

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