WinterCraft: Survival Forest

WinterCraft v1.0.42 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Free Craft)

In WinterCraft Mod APK, go to the winter forest, and at any cost, try to maintain your life there! Will you be able to survive and locate your missing father?

App Name WinterCraft: Survival Forest
Size 285M
Latest Version 1.0.42
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Free Craft
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  • Money Injection.
  • Free Craft

WinterCraft is a game for players who like adventure and survival challenges. You will be lost in a winter forest covered in white snow, with hidden challenges that can endanger you at any time. Between the coldness of the forest and the loneliness and deprivation, you must have a strong spirit of survival to overcome. Use your mind, strength, and available tools to defend and maintain life. Try to use survival skills to build houses and make weapons, hunt animals, and use them as a food source. The game gives players an extremely high sense of adventure, satisfying their love of exploration and improving their ability to survive. Try to survive at all costs and find your lost loved ones in the forest.


To be able to live well in this forest, you need to equip yourself with a good shelter. In the forest, there are many items that will help you, such as wood, stone, and weapons. Use those materials to make necessary items that you will use for self-defense and survival. First, you need to prepare for yourself a perfect and sturdy shelter to avoid the winter cold as well as the attacks of animals in the forest. Make your home comfortable and warm; this is the most necessary and urgent thing you need to do to live in this harsh place.

  • Gather Resources: Take a step and go deep into the forest. You will see a lot of useful things like wood, stone, iron, etc. Try to collect as much as you can and bring it to a shelter, then build yourself a solid, sturdy house. The house will be a place to help you avoid storms, avoid the cold of dense snow, and protect you from the attacks of wild animals and other dangers in the unfamiliar forest.
  • Furnish the House: After you have built yourself a solid house, the next thing you need to do is fully renovate the house. Players need to equip their house with necessary items such as a desk, bed, and lighting. To make the house more beautiful, players need to decorate other items such as wind chimes, clocks, pictures,…
  • Customize Your Home: Your home is the place for you to exist and survive in these harsh conditions, so equip the house fully, warmly and solidly. Players can customize their residence to suit their living needs, equip and decorate according to their preferences. If the house is too shabby and sketchy, it will be very difficult for you to survive, so make sure you can survive and live well in these harsh conditions.


To survive in this harsh place, self-defense weapons are definitely indispensable. Therefore, make a lot of them and keep them at home.

  • Hunt Forest Animals: In the forest, besides danger, there are also many things that will help you. Players will use existing weapons to hunt animals such as deer, rabbits, birds, and other forest animals, using them to get meat and as a food source for themselves. You will become a hunter with great trophies.
  • Forage for Plants: Your food source is not only meat animals but also the plants around you. Players will collect fruits and plants and use those ingredients to make edible products. Make the most of your survival ability to overcome hunger here.
  • Cook over Fire: During the process of going into the forest and looking for food, you will definitely consume a lot of energy. So, after finishing your hunting session, return home and prepare food and drinks to restore lost energy. Note you need fire to cook raw foods.


Players will use their top survival skills to create necessary items, from weapons to everyday costumes. Good weapons will help you hunt and gather many types of food. Clothing will help you stay warm and overcome the cold here.

  • Make Tools: There are many types of weapons you can make such as axes, hoes, bows, etc. Using these weapons in hunting will help you collect more resources.
  • Craft Warm Clothes: In addition to making weapons, players also need to focus on making clothes to keep the body warm, such as warm clothes, jackets, hats, hair, and limbs. This will be an item to help you avoid the cold in this forest.
  • Build Equipment: In this game, players are also tasked with making tools for construction purposes, such as shovels and hammers. Players will use it to upgrade their house, making it more and more solid.


Players will experience the most authentic feeling of survival. You will have to overcome challenges to survive here. You are alone and have no allies, your ally is your missing father. So, try to overcome the danger and find your father and leave this forest with him.

  • Trek Through Forests: in this forest is not difficult because of the dense snow, but the terrain here is also very dangerous. Players will have to walk through snowy forests, over hills, grass fields and many more difficult terrains.
  • Discover New Places: In the search for food sources, players will also have the opportunity to discover new resources and new lands. You will reach new places with vast landscapes, providing a great exploration experience.
  • Find Story Clues: Along the way, pay attention and collect as many items related to your missing father. These items will help you get clues and find your father more easily.


This is a survival game, so always remember to protect your health. Keep your body warm against the cold in the forest and always replenish your energy to overcome the harsh challenges here.

  • Defend Against Dangers: Your mission is not just to find food and collect items. You also need to be able to defend yourself against dangers from wild animals such as dogs and bears and avoid their attacks to save your life.
  • Face Realistic Challenges: As a top survival game, the game designs super realistic challenges such as extreme weather, food shortages, and injuries. Players will experience the fiercest, most thrilling survival.

WinterCraft v1.0.42 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Free Craft) Download

Download (285M)

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