SOULS v1.10.0 MOD APK (Speed Multiplier)

SOULS: Realm of Light Mod APK – Epic 3D battles, strategic hero assembly, rich art style, rewarding idle RPG gameplay.

App Name SOULS
Size 600M
Latest Version 1.10.0
MOD Info Speed Multiplier
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What's new

[New Features]
1. Advanced Arena (Unlocks at Chapter 12-5)
2. 2 New Heroes: Coco and Ripper
3. Halloween Event (starts on 10/28)

[Bug Fixes & Improvements]
1. The system message shown in chat for Hero Fusion has been changed (only shown for 11 stars, 16 stars, and 20 stars).
2. Hero Restore Feature: New feature to unfuse heroes above 6 stars has been added. (only 5-star epic heroes will be returned in this process)
3. You can now disassemble equipment in batch.
4. Hero Balancing

Embark on an epic quest to liberate a fantasy realm from the clutches of the Seven Lords in “SOULS: Realm of Light,” a visually stunning 3D auto-battle RPG. This game, crafted with intricate and breathtaking art, invites players to challenge the tyrannical rulers, free the ensnared souls of valiant heroes, and immerse themselves in a beautifully rendered 3D world. Despite its seemingly straightforward gameplay, “SOULS” offers a fresh take on the idle RPG genre, rewarding players with VIP points and diamonds essential for gacha draws simply by engaging with the game.


In “SOULS,” every pixel of the fantasy world is meticulously crafted to create an immersive 3D experience that rivals the most elaborate artworks in mobile gaming. The game’s aesthetic is not just a feast for the eyes; it’s a full-course meal with a dessert that never ends. The developers at Habby, known for their visually appealing games like “Archer Legend” and “Penguin Isle,” have outdone themselves, ensuring that every frame in “SOULS” could be hung in an art gallery. The characters are not just exploring; they’re strutting down the catwalk of this fantastical fashion show, earning offline rewards that feel like tips for their stunning appearances.


The auto-battle system in “SOULS” is like watching a chess match where the pieces move themselves, and you’re the grandmaster orchestrating their every step. Characters autonomously explore and battle, but it’s the player’s strategic mind that sets the stage for victory. With the ability to speed up battles and tweak formations on the fly, “SOULS” ensures that your tactical prowess is as important as your heroes’ brawn. The turn-based combat is a ballet of blades and sorcery, where positioning is key, and the fast-forward button is your best friend in slicing through the enemy ranks like a hot knife through butter.


In “SOULS,” daily missions aren’t just a to-do list; they’re your VIP ticket to the high life. Completing these tasks is like accumulating frequent flyer points for the soul, with the added bonus of not having to spend a dime. As your VIP level soars, so do your perks, unlocking a treasure trove of continuous benefits that make you feel like RPG royalty. It’s a system that rewards dedication with more than just a pat on the back, offering tangible benefits that keep on giving.


The progression system in “SOULS” is as satisfying as popping bubble wrap. Each stage cleared is another burst of gratification, with idle rewards and training materials flowing in like a river of riches. The game’s offline rewards system is like finding loose change in your couch, but instead of pennies, you’re raking in diamonds. And the gacha draw probabilities? They’ve been tweaked to the point of feeling like the game’s smiling at you every time you roll.


With over 60 original heroes, “SOULS” offers a roster that’s more diverse than a United Nations meeting. Assembling a team of five from this eclectic mix is like putting together a superhero squad where everyone actually gets along. The vanguard, midguard, and rearguard positions are your chessboard, and you’re the grandmaster placing your pieces to outmaneuver range attacks and skill shots. It’s a tactical dance that requires finesse, and with the development menu’s options for leveling up and equipment enhancement, you’re the choreographer of an epic battle ballet.


In “SOULS,” strategy and character development go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. The game’s tile-based combat system is a playground for tactical minds, where the right formation can mean the difference between glorious victory and ignominious defeat. The development menu is your toolbox, and with it, you can craft a team of heroes so powerful that the Seven Lords might just give up and go home. Leveling up, limit breaking, and star ranking your characters isn’t just about making numbers go up; it’s about preparing your squad for the ultimate showdown in style.

SOULS v1.10.0 MOD APK (Speed Multiplier) Download

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