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NS2 car racing game is a driving experience of the player’s choosing where they can freely explore a modern, well-lit city. This city is not without other means of transportation; it depends on each person’s choice. At the same time, there will be modes and missions scattered throughout the city and if you complete them, your amount of money will increase rapidly.


NS2 car racing game gives you the opportunity to drive your car through many different colorful neighborhoods. The city is designed in complete detail, full of lights, and an age full of excitement and mystery that you cannot miss. At the same time, each area in the city has extremely realistic physical features, and if you’re unlucky, you can crash into a lamppost and break it instantly. There are all kinds of buildings that closely resemble what appears in real life so driving is always something of an attraction as you can enjoy a night sky in a beautiful city.

  • Many powerful, stylish cars to choose from: Select your favorite from sports cars, muscle cars, JDM imports, and more.
  • Customize your ride: Make each car your own with custom paints and performance upgrades.


The first experience you have in the NS2 car racing game environment is that you will have a car, and your job is to drive it to the location you want. If you are curious about different roads, you can drive aimlessly until you get bored. But that experience sometimes won’t last long, and there needs to be something else to replace it, so completing the missions is not a bad choice. Specifically, throughout the process of driving, you will see colorful screens noting the game mode and the amount of money received.

  • Realistic damage modeling: Collisions affect car performance.
  • Adjustable driving controls: Smooth, responsive handling.
  • Drift around corners: Pull off tight turns without losing speed.
  • Nitrous oxide boost: Intense bursts of speed.


The missions you receive will often be racing gameplay like race or drift, and your job is to try to complete the checkpoint with the best results. Those who are just starting out should try the light and vehicle-free modes so they can get rewards more quickly. On the contrary, highly skilled drivers can motivate themselves when driving on roads with other vehicles. In other words, if you do it wrong, the time it takes you to complete the mission will be longer than expected, and sometimes players will feel uncomfortable when they hit many cars in other lanes.

  • Gorgeous nighttime cityscape: Race through a chrome and neon-lit urban landscape.
  • Navigate narrow streets: Avoid obstacles on challenging city roads.
  • Drift around sharp corners: Handle the most intense turns.


In the NS2 car racing game, resources will be divided into two types: money and G resources, and the rate at which you earn money is higher than the remaining resources. This comes from the quests that appear scattered throughout the city that you will explore, and when you have enough money, the player will immediately enter the store. They will stare for hours at beautifully designed cars ranging from cars with ordinary designs to completely luxurious sports cars. At the same time, having a car is not enough to satisfy them when they can also customize the car according to the style they want.

  • Relaxing city cruise: Enjoy the views at your own pace.
  • Traffic mode: Drive through highly-populated streets.
  • Free track racing: Open track thrills are coming soon.
  • Story/campaign mode: Coming soon for extended play.

NS2: Underground v0.7.8 MOD APK (Nitro Purchased, No Ads) Download

Download (225 MB)

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