Drive Zone Online

Drive Zone Online v0.9.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Point, Mega Menu)

Drive Zone Online Mod APK is an epic driving simulator that takes players on a thrilling journey through the virtual streets of “Grand Car Parking City” and beyond.

App Name Drive Zone Online
Size 570 MB
Latest Version 0.9.0
MOD Info Unlimited Point, Mega Menu
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  • KM Car Speed
  • Unlimited Car Drift Point
  • Set Drifting
  • Jump Speed
  • Set Car Leverage
  • Mass Task Complete + Static Speed
  • Unstable Ads Remove

Drive Zone Online challenges its players in unique and intense races. In general, racing games don’t have too many differences. You just control a car and become the fastest. However, each game differs in how to race and win the round. The variety of challenges will give each game its unique appeal. For players, as long as the challenge is attractive enough, the game will be warmly received.


The point that makes each racing game different is the location you can move through. Each game will try to let players experience as many scenes as possible. Each scene will

contain many unique traps for you to lose. Overcoming them shows your skillful car control ability.

  • Sprawling Resort Coastline: This game takes you to an extremely romantic coastline. You can freely explore with an area of ​​20km x 20km.
  • Vibrant City Life: If you are bored with the coast, you can race in many cityscapes. Traffic is extremely complicated here, so don’t let yourself cause a car accident.
  • Rugged Desert Landscapes: The desert will be one of the biggest challenges players will face. It has many unexpected traps or dunes that slow down cars.
  • Sunny Beachfront Fun: Sunshine, sea breeze, and beautiful sea views will make you fall in love.
  • Bustling Port Activities: Bustling Port Activities is difficult because there are many bustling activities. The challenge is built around ships and cargo.


Is your car more unique than your competitors? Is there any way for people to recognize your car in a complicated race with dozens of cars moving at super-high speeds? It would be best if you made yourself stand out. Express your personality clearly in the race. Maybe not champion, but it must be beautiful, right?

  • Broad Vehicle Selection: The game features hundreds of cars, including vintage classics, supercars, SUVs, and hypercars. Take advantage of each car’s characteristics to win the highest-performance race.
  • Body Kit Upgrades: 30+ body kits with rims, bumpers, spoilers,… will make your beloved car more unique and personal.
  • Creative Vinyl Wraps: The Vinyl editor allows players to customize the appearance of their vehicle with decals.


Racing is a game that emphasizes mutual competition between players. The attraction is that you have to win quickly. Driving technique, strategy for a long race, and perseverance are all demonstrated in PvP races. Fighting to express yourself is never redundant. Plunge into a race with 32 opponents from around the world in Drive Zone Online.

  • Massive 32-Player Lobbies: This race will take place in an open world with more than one route. With 32 people doing their best to win, you can ride alongside worthy opponents.
  • Thrilling Race Modes: Drift, sprint, stunt, and other multiplayer competition modes have different challenges that test the player’s comprehensive level.
  • Player Economy & Trading: The trading market in this game is also vibrant. Beautiful cars and rare items can all be exchanged with each other.


The graphic technology of racing games today makes players passionate. They are designed with extremely high resolution and good image quality. 3D graphics with angles like a theater movie make the game truly attractive to many players of all ages.

  • Detailed Vehicle Interiors: Each car is designed with many intricate and real-life details.
  • Optimized Visual Performance: Graphics are optimized for mobile devices and give players an extremely high FPS experience.
  • Responsive Handling Physics: Physics elements are important to bring surreal shooting angles.


The more you play, the more your technique improves. In addition, the rewards given after each victory also increase. Each time a challenge is completed, the player receives much money.

  • Hundreds of Challenges: The game will continuously display diverse tasks, quests, and achievements for players to try to reach them. Every time a milestone is passed, it will be displayed on the game’s system channel to notify all players about a new skilled racer.
  • Race Rewards: Winning races, pulling off stunts, and selling customized rides are effective ways to earn more money in this game.
  • Driving School Rewards: Through many races, players can upgrade their driving level to a new level and progress to unlock many unique rewards.

Drive Zone Online v0.9.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Point, Mega Menu) Download

Download (570 MB)

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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