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For automotive enthusiasts and speed lovers, you will unleash the control and customize many of the world’s most up-to-date cars and take part in the big race with your friends to comfortably display and conquer yourself spectacularly. This is going to be a very relaxing and exciting game for you.


Join the game as part of an impressive and lively real-life experience as you customize and control everything; depending on your abilities and skills, this will definitely be the most attractive choice for you.

  • Cutting-edge technology: The most realistic and lively experiences, recreating the drift experience as accurately and vividly as it is, it’s the most impressive and engaging experience for you.
  • New Suspension Upgrades: You are perfectly able to customize everything, in there is performance customization and everything to fit your usage needs and goals, performance will help you a lot if you know how to adjust them well.
  • Intuitive controls: Players can control visually according to their level and skills, you’ll look in there to control every activity and their power more easily, you will become smarter and more crafty when adjusting.
  • Unique tracks: Players will never find operations and controls that are similar to or close to the controls and customizations in this game anywhere else, which will be the highlight of the game.


The game personalizes everything for you, you can upgrade or customize the entire component or interface of your car to suit your needs and desires, to serve your participation in the game with high efficiency.

  • Upgrade components: The operator can upgrade and change the components accordingly, including a unique car component change on three floors. These components are important and make the car work much more efficiently and smoothly.
  • Customize look: Completely customize the interfaces if you want them, including those with suggestions, paints, obstacles, etc. Are the interfaces that contribute to making the image of your car more beautiful and stylish?
  • Optimize performance: Adjust equipment and advanced indicators to optimize performance, as well as specific equipment and player-needed indicators for maximum performance, higher performance, and higher efficiency.
  • Build your dream car: Build the tractor or drift of your dreams from scratch. You should build the tractor exactly what you want and dream about it, that’s a personality-building that you’re sure you’ll love.


A list of cars for you to choose from, coming from major and top car brands, giving you comfortable options and comfortable upgrading them, you will feel the upgrade and that option is incredibly attractive and fresh that makes you feel interesting and attractive when joining this game.

  • Top brands: Top car manufacturers. More than 150 licensed vehicles from leading brands such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Nissan, etc., give you the comfort of choosing and customizing these vehicles.
  • New cars: The game requires the continuous addition of new cars to collect and adjust, you will feel the freshness, the constant change as you are constantly being collected and adjustable it the easiest way.
  • All genres: Supercars, high-end cars, muscle cars – all categories are represented, the most modern and modern cars, bring you a variety of styles and you will be able to choose conveniently according to your wishes and preferences.
  • Underdog to champion: Players challenge themselves by taking a weaker car and turning it into a champion through upgrades. You will upgrade it and turn it into an extremely attractive champion.


In the game too, it will be useful to interact with your fellow players, where you can take part in racing with them and exchange more components with them, to learn experience as well as contribute to better racing and win.

  • Real-time racing: Racing in real-time with people all over the world, racing in real life at a specific time, and racing with people everywhere, it’s incredibly exciting when it doesn’t differ from life.
  • Teams and tournaments: Create competitions to join or join racing teams and win big competitions, that’s how you race and make fun for yourself and others.
  • Global rankings: You’ll have a chance to rise in the global rankings if you win. The important and essential thing you should do is do everything really well to get a chance at the top of the rankings.
  • Trade parts: Players can also exchange components and partitions on the car with other riders to contribute to the formation of your car more fully and efficiently, which is definitely a very nice and reasonable way.
  • Make friends: Make new friends and competitors in the racing community; on your racing journey, you will not cease to interact, make friends, and make relationships with the racing community, thus bringing you very important relationships.

Nitro Nation v7.9.7 MOD APK (Always Perfect, Time Delay) Download

Download (1.83 GB)

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