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The best exploration and survival simulation game is Mine Survival. The game is about adventurous life in a dangerous forest that consists of wild creatures, zombies, etc. You can select your character and mode of play and find the best spot to build your base. The available modes in this game are Easy, Normal, Hard, and Master. Each mode consists of several levels of days to stay and survive in that mode. Your first goal initially is to have at least some tools. Don’t eat raw animals and avoid drinking normal water without purification because everything is dangerous in the forest, so you must be careful.

You can cut trees and collect wood to build crafting tools and a tent. To create a crafting table, you need six blocks of wood and gather 15 words to craft Sword, Axe, and Pickaxe. You can hunt pigs and deer for meat for leather and cook them to get energy and survive. You must be careful on nights in the forest; evil creatures attack you, but you get zombies and Moles attacks in end levels which are more dangerous on scary nights, so use the time to gather more resources. And pick up your traps by hitting them with your bare hands. You can use the saplings to grow trees and make a defense.

You can build a Tent gathering, 2 Leather and 2 Wood, to locate your base quickly, and remember to Register it. And try to develop your Base beside Ponds for water availability which is the primary source for survival. You can build a Purifier and Craft Bucket to gather water from Ponds, and the Purifier costs 4 Wood, 4 Coal, 4 Iron, and Bucket costs 4 Iron. Be careful, drink only clean water, and build a defense wall; use traps and swords to defend. Start the new day with welcoming sunrise light, reload energy, and find new resources. You can buy shoes and upgrade them to move your character faster. The Gold Boots cost Silver Shoes, 3 Leather, and 5 Gold. In the end, levels defend with Zombies with massive defense buildings.

Mine Survival MOD APK v2.5.3 (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (96M)

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