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Lvelup RPG is a world full of challenges and monsters that you must overcome to become a true hero. You will participate in different battles, and each battle has its own unpredictable difficulty, which makes it difficult for players to simply escape. In particular, missions will continuously provide a large amount of resources for players to use, exchange, and gain new powerful equipment. The creation system through magic stones will also be added, and the results created are unpredictable, so prepare a lot of resources to increase your own power.


Lvelup RPG is the gateway that will take you on a journey to become a hero in an RPG world where different types of monsters exist. Players will be able to choose male or female characters, Allen and Alice, respectively, and they will be equipped with weapons and some special skills. But because these are apprentice heroes, their attack skills are still not high, and they still have difficulty attacking a slime. So, it’s a long journey where new powers are unlocked one by one, and rare equipment may appear before your eyes. The completely vast RPG world urges players to explore and also be careful because you can know what kind of monsters they are facing.

  • Develop power through experience: With an RPG game, the character can achieve high levels thanks to this resource.
  • Increasing stats: The character’s resistance will become the main factor in defeating monsters.


The way of moving inside Lvelup RPG is done with two hands because this is an RPG game, and you will be able to move the character freely. To speed up the movement process, on the right side of the screen, there will be a run button to help you increase speed more quickly and also create an opportunity to escape strong enemies. The attack button is also located in the same vertical row as the run button, and as long as you press it continuously, basic combos will be performed to deal more damage to the monsters you encounter. At the bottom is the button to use special skills, and for a beginner, there is nothing but healing skills in battle that will take some MP when performed. But don’t be too discouraged because strength is something that needs to be cultivated through different battles.

  • Familiar monsters: Dangerous dinosaurs, ninjas, and other entities will create nostalgia for you.
  • Mystery in battles: In battles lacking information, power is the only thing that exists to support the player.


Your enemies will often be monsters or dangerous objects that appear in quests, or you simply want to confront them to increase your skills and experience. At the same time, the number of enemies in an area will often be unknown, requiring you to be careful. Once the battle has begun, it will often be quite difficult for you to run away from it. The only way is to complete the battle as quickly as possible and pick up dropped items, if any. At the same time, each area will have unique monsters, such as water areas that often have sea monsters or large crocodile warriors fully equipped with weapons that can easily cause you to die suddenly.

  • Swords and shards are very important: These can be considered two resources that will continuously flow into your pocket.
  • Combine strength with natural energy: Basic elements can promote the potential of the weapons you possess.


Quests are always indispensable in Lvelup RPG, where you can meet different characters, go to newly requested areas, and destroy the threats you see. In particular, these quests often provide a large amount of resources for character development, and along with it, a new mechanism is unlocked when you have a strong breakthrough in the game. Recipes are usually important recipes that are unlocked with the purpose of helping you exchange the resources you have for corresponding equipment that determines the character’s stats and chances of winning in battles.

  • Unlock new areas: By completing various challenges, mysterious locations will appear.
  • Diverse characteristics: Players explore the forests, deserts, and meadows that challenge them.
  • Mysterious and dangerous: Because you don’t know anything, you need to be careful in your actions.


One resource that you can get through quests is magic stone, which will be used when you create different weapons. There will usually be weapon or shield banners that you can find, and you will decide how many stones you want to use at once. Using a large number at a time will give you more opportunities to get SSR weapons, and the equipment level will show you that things get easier when you are strong. Therefore, sometimes players will be caught up in creations of chance like this, and the surprise is also what makes many people feel addicted.

  • Growth in strength: Satisfaction is something you often feel if the battle goes well.
  • Upgraded weapons and heroes: From the resources earned, players can freely improve their stats.
  • Overcome multiple areas together: Acting and winning together is the key to increasing strength and levels.

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Download (158M)

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