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Life In Mercenary v1.0.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Life In Mercenary Mod APK – Each chapter of the action-packed adventure puzzle game Mercenary Story includes boss battles that will put players to the test.

App Name Life In Mercenary
Size 68M
Latest Version 1.0.3 b44
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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The game offers a stimulating new take on the traditional formula by combining traditional puzzle gameplay with intense combat in a single package. You will be transported to previously unknown lands full of secrets and untold stories as soon as you start playing the game. The player’s goal in the lands quest is to discover the secrets hidden within each of the various lands, and the task at hand is to triumph over each of the stories. You must answer difficult questions to obtain loot that will aid you in your fight against the enemy. To defeat the opponent, use the full force of the combat weapon; the winner is determined by which side has lost the most blood.

Life In Mercenary


Exploring the mysterious lands will lead you down a difficult path with a series of quests you must complete one after the other. The journey will also take you through some difficult terrain. You’ll be able to choose which character you want to play when you first start the game. Each of these characters will have a unique set of combat abilities and skills. After you’ve decided on a character, arm yourself with the most powerful fighting weapon you can find and set out on an action-packed adventure. You must select the most effective fighting character from various unique abilities to complete the challenges presented on the game’s screen. Players will begin their treasure hunt in various strange lands, facing various challenges and powerful foes.

Life In Mercenary


The game’s exciting puzzle and action gameplay complement each other to provide a very interesting experience. To earn desirable rewards and participate in the challenge of battling the adversary, players must answer questions. You must complete the storylines and defeat your opponent to find the treasure. Aside from its appealing game modes, the game provides a wide range of levels, from easy to difficult, against which you can put your skills to the test.

Life In Mercenary

As you progress through the game, the difficulty of the challenge will increase as you are constantly pitted against powerful foes wielding terrible power. To defeat powerful opponents, you must train hard and maximize your fighting abilities. Furthermore, you can earn rewards by participating in various exciting activities throughout the game. You should strive to complete difficult levels if you want to lock up a large number of characters so that they can fight in groups with special abilities.

Life In Mercenary


When you visit Mercenary Story, you will encounter several interesting events and challenges you can learn more about. If you log in every day and participate in the daily challenges, you can earn bonuses for purchasing rare loot and equipment for your heroes to use in combat. An exciting but difficult treasure-hunting adventure in which you try to complete each storyline while facing the daily combat challenge. The bonuses you earn can be used to improve your hero’s abilities and unlock new battle arenas.

Life In Mercenary

Without a doubt, your time will be well spent if you participate in a highly engaging form of entertainment that also presents you with exciting new challenges. Begin your global conquest with Mercenary Story and discover fascinating tales in a land shrouded in mystery that promises once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


  • Open world adventure set in a medieval setting: The game takes place in a fully-realized open world where you can explore different environments, interact with NPCs, and take on contracts that will shape your experience. You’ll encounter various factions and characters that will have their own unique stories and motivations.
  • Unique storyline where your choices will determine the outcome of the game: Life In Mercenary is designed to be an immersive role-playing experience where every choice you make has consequences. Your decisions will affect not only the main storyline but also the relationships you build with other characters in the game.
  • Choose to be a male or female mercenary and take on contracts to gain fame and fortune: You can customize your character’s appearance and choose their gender before starting the game. As a mercenary, you’ll have access to different contracts that range from escorting caravans to fighting bandits.
  • Combat system with multiple approaches, including melee combat and ranged attacks: The combat system in Life In Mercenary is designed to be fluid and intuitive, allowing players to engage enemies using different strategies. You can use melee weapons like swords or axes, or opt for ranged attacks using bows or crossbows.
  • Leveling system that adapts to your gameplay style: The leveling system in Life In Mercenary is based on your actions in the game. If you prefer melee combat, for example, your character’s strength and endurance stats will increase as you engage in battles using those tactics.
  • Immersive gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours: With its engaging storyline, customizable characters, interactive world-building mechanics, and dynamic combat system, Life In Mercenary promises hours of fun gameplay for fans of RPGs and action-adventure games alike.

Life In Mercenary v1.0.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

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