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The goal of the game Idle Robot Inc is for you to become the chief executive officer of a famous robotics company. If you want your business to grow and prosper, you’ll need to take on management tasks and develop a strategy to maintain internal consistency in your operations.

Idle Robot Inc – Idle, Tycoon Idle Robot Inc – Idle, Tycoon


The relentless creativity of scientists has led to countless innovative new technologies. If you work in engineering, you know that your Dovi company is at the forefront. The company can mass-produce highly sophisticated robots daily, which can then be sold to the military for use in war. When completed, the robots will take to the skies and use their arsenal of missile warheads, firearms, and whatever else they have at their disposal to fend off the invaders.


With each victory in Idle Robot Inc, the enemy will become more potent and dangerous. The distance between your robot and their battleship is narrowing as they come closer together. At the same time, the enemy’s health and damage are also improved. Here it would be best if you upgrade your robot’s fighting ability by giving it access to the latest and greatest gadgets and tools. Take advantage of the wand to quickly upgrade to better gear and keep fighting while having a distinct advantage in battle. Combat is more fun as you use weapons that deal massive damage each round and wipe out your opponents.

Idle Robot Inc – Idle, Tycoon Idle Robot Inc – Idle, Tycoon


Human resources are the main force behind the production of robots in Idle Robot Inc. Since you are the executive with decision-making power, you should optimize your processes to help the company grow. In addition to leading a team of hard-working employees, you will need to add workers that will shorten robot build times and ensure everything runs smoothly during production. Furthermore, the company’s employment opportunities have increased over time, making staff expansion an essential consideration. Invest money to attract more employees, then look for methods to improve their working conditions. You can sit there and make money for a long time; if you do, you will accumulate a fortune.


The aliens started the wars of invasion on Earth in Idle Robot Inc. They have spaceships that they use to attack different parts of the world to establish their dominance and plunder resources. Your company should start using the full capabilities of the robot as soon as it is created. Fight in battles to prove your mettle, repel alien invasions, and show your destructive power by wiping out your enemies. You must overcome countless challenging enemies to save the Earth from alien rule.

Idle Robot Inc – Idle, Tycoon Idle Robot Inc – Idle, Tycoon


Idle Robot Inc’s robots engage in battle across a vast space battlefield using a turn-based system. In this battle, your robot and dangerous enemies will take turns attacking each other. Use as much destructive power as possible when engaging enemies. The fight lasted until one side won when the losing side was defeated and had to give up the fight. Your robot must unleash fierce attacks if you want to win a one-on-one battle. Each hit deals significant damage, ultimately rendering the opponent powerless.

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Download (88M)

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