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Heaven Burns Red Mod APK offers every player adventures and exhilarating stories, combined with a vast world and many complex elements that make the gameplay perfect. The great thing about the game is that it uses anime graphics to sketch things out and gives people great opportunities to relax and entertain while deeply immersed.


Your adventure will start at a school for girls with special abilities, and from there, continuously train or discover new things with them through tons of activities. The game’s fascinating thing is the effective utilization of anime-based graphics, including the design of the girls and many other things that make the gameplay experience more complete. Not stopping there, the player’s interaction with each girl is also important and greatly influences the personality, opening up many new directions in the future. The game also constantly introduces many exciting events and new gameplay mechanics to make things come alive and richer than the basics. Your journey is endless, and there will be plenty of moments to show your love to girls after experiencing countless things in your special school life.


Meeting girls for the first time will be an important step in your career, as each has a lively personality and is ready to introduce you to everything. The game uses an element of a dating simulator to convey the plot or communicate with the characters, and you can give the desired answer to continue the conversation or activate hidden emotions. Each girl will have different reactions, but later many new people will appear and allow you to explore school life in a special school.



Although the school system is splendid and impressive, the universe is being invaded by mystical beings and has destroyed most of the world’s inhabitants. Girls with special powers can only defeat them, and the campaign system ensures you always have the most refreshing moments when fighting them. Based on personal progress, the combat system will become more diverse and flexible, allowing you to create many suitable plans and be ready for the worst situations when entering the danger zone.


The main combat system is squad-based, meaning you must use multiple girls in each squad and combine their skills to create impressive combos. Depending on your ability or formation, you will have countless attack options, and from there, choose carefully for each target or monster. The combat system will also feature unique mechanics based on your progress, greatly improving the quality of gameplay and opening up discoveries in the story.



In addition to the constant fighting, you can take time to explore the personalities or interact with each girl to bond. Each has unique character constructs, including treatment, feelings, and personality for the player, and can be changed significantly through interactions or giveaways. If you raise the level of affection to the maximum, new options will appear and even allow dating and creating memorable moments for now and in the future.


The game’s graphic quality is anime-based, but at times it’s really outstanding and impressive, making your experience more complete. That includes environmental design, visual effects, and the girls’ physical interactions with their surroundings. Among them, the skill effect is the most prominent, showing the strange powers that each girl possesses, and making the battlefield more realistic and immersive when you unleash your ultimate skills to destroy every target.



Activities are the main income source for you and the girls, and the game will feature hundreds of activities to work or encourage players continuously. The content of the activities is rich, most of which specify the campaigns or the mechanics to introduce things to the player or create opportunities to interact with others. The rewards for activities will mostly be energy or items for upgrading, but their value is great and can be collected continuously for players.


Upgrading the girls is essential when they are tiered and have a big difference in stats or power limits. The upgrade process will involve many factors, but the items are the most necessary and important, and even the upgrade value will increase gradually to create more challenges for you. Some girls will have a significant change in personality or appearance after upgrading to make the collection or lineup more prominent and eye-catching.



Skins are what every girl loves when she wants to assert her beauty to players and others in the school. Skins are the reward for major events, each with unique visual effects or massive effects on combat skills. Many new outfits will appear on special occasions and stimulate the player’s desire to acquire them to make the girls more gorgeous. If players are lucky, they can offer resources for some gacha and earn fascinating prizes.

Heaven Burns Red v3.10.2 MOD APK (Weak Enemies, EXP Multiplier, Damage) Download

Download (763M)

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