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Evertech Sandbox is a simulation game where you can build mechanics and structures of varying complexity out of basic blocks. The player unlocks a warehouse full of various items such as engines, wheels, connecting elements, and different leagues. You can combine any of these to make something new. Nothing prevents you from creating vehicles, elevators, trains, robots, and other structures. You can also save the outcome object and share it with other players. More new elements and functions will be added to the game in subsequent updates, making it twice as enjoyable to play.

Evertech Sandbox is an open-world – Sandbox game genre in which you must construct complex models and mechanisms out of simple blocks. It has a plethora of items to choose from, followed by freely crafted machines that can move. The game appears simple, but it is a never-ending creative process, as you will see. The game allows you to construct complex mechanics out of simple blocks. There are many items in your inventory, such as engines, pushers, wheels, paint tools, connection tools, and various blocks; your task is to select the necessary ones and create a machine that can move, such as a vehicle, elevator, train, or robot.

The game will help players maintain their creativity by providing a plethora of unique models and previewing three-dimensional mechanics images. You can save and share your work with others. Evertech Sandbox offers players, various available models to freely assemble and decorate to create impressive models for themselves. You lost in a world of massive and magnificent models with a wide range of eye-catching models. You can build simple models such as motorcycles and machines and more complex models such as cars, airplanes, weapons, and animated animals, using only a smartphone and a few simple operations.

Smooth and straightforward gameplay requires players to touch and drag to move the parts that need to be assembled and link them together to create complete models. When making the model, the player can easily rotate, enlarge, or shrink the model for more straightforward observation. The parts that need to be linked will be neatly arranged on the left side of the screen so that people can quickly examine and select the appropriate detail. The game also includes an assembly manual with detailed pictures, allowing players to imagine and guess the guesswork needed to create complete and accurate models.

Evertech Sandbox provides players with hundreds of models of various genres to explore and conquer, such as weapons, famous vehicles, and a collection of unique dinosaurs. The models will progress in difficulty and complexity; at first, they will be simple models for players to learn, but eventually, there will be models that will give you a headache. Although the models have pre-defined shapes and layouts, the player can unleash creative paintbrushes and attach unique stickers to create models once assembled impressive images in self-preference style. The intriguing aspect here is the clever incorporation of individuality into the game. In addition to the models provided by the game, you can purchase more eye-catching models from the store. There will be free models to choose from and paid models that are unique and stand out from the crowd.

The graphics of simulation games of assembly models, such as Evertech Sandbox, are undoubtedly the first thing players notice. The game features sharp 3D graphics and detailed model parts that mean to be realistic and vivid. Background music with a slow tempo and a gentle melody use to create a sense of relaxation so that players can entirely focus on assembling and completing the complete and fastest model. Players can play games, enjoy comfortable gaming moments, and improve their thinking and thinking abilities.

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Download (143M)

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