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Romance Club v1.0.30410 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices/Diamonds)

Step into a world of captivating stories and endless choices in Romance Club MOD APK – where love and adventure await.

App Name Romance Club
Size 31M
Latest Version 1.0.30410
MOD Info Free Premium Choices/Diamonds
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  • All premium choices are now free (incomprehensible symbols will appear after some elections)


  • Free premium choices (incomprehensible characters will appear after some choices)
  • You can get free crystals or coffee in the main menu after clicking on the bottom left button to exit the game (works about once a week, you need to wait a while before the first receipt)
  • You can get free diamonds in the main menu by clicking on the Settings button (located in the upper right corner).
  • Disabled display of ads (if a reward should be given after viewing it, it is immediately issued)
  • Unlocked the FX setting for all devices (operability on unsupported devices is not guaranteed).

You use the mod at your own risk!

Authorization via Facebook and Google Play Games does not work!

Romance Club is a multidimensional portal that can take players to many worlds where they will be the main characters who can change the destiny of other characters or the development of the story. They will go through many different emotions such as happiness when being able to be a normal character or excitement when being able to come into contact with extraordinary entities. At the same time, throughout the gameplay, many mysteries are waiting for players to discover, and of course, this game will not make them regret it because everything can start again if they like. Therefore, you will have a quite long trip and encounter details you like.


Creating plot branches often takes place based on the choices players make as they experience Romance Club – a collection of multi-genre stories. This experience is often different from reading a book in many ways; for example, you are not just an observer of all the events that take place and indifferently let it end. In other words, you will be the one to make these events happen in a certain order whether you want them to or not. You will be happy with what you get and sometimes will be surprised by the events that suddenly happen or the plot twists that often appear in the plot.

  • Experience: the allure of the immortal Dracula across centuries and continents.
  • Romance: the dreamy yet dangerous vampire in his gothic Transylvanian castle.
  • Uncover: hidden secrets of his past and face unimaginable horrors.
  • Make choices: that determine your destiny – lover, victim, or his redeemer?


When you experience Romance Club, your first job is to choose a storyline that you like. The experience is quick or easy; it’s all in your hands, and if you’re happy, you can read through dozens of events, big and small. Besides reading the story, you will also come to your own choices and if you have a question, if you don’t make a choice, can you continue reading, the answer will be no. In simple terms, some developments will likely take place consecutively, and some important events will require you to consider and make decisions. Sometimes, decisions will also give you headaches or regrets.

  • Attend: classes on miracles and sins in the Angels & Demons Academy afterlife.
  • Flirt: with angelic sweethearts or devilish bad boys (or both!).
  • Break: rules without falling from grace and getting expelled down to a fiery underworld.
  • Discover: the secrets behind your death and ascent to heaven.


For a story-focused genre like Romance Club, there will never be a sense of regret that the player can feel. This comes from the fact that players will take the time to re-experience what they have played before. However, making choices is always free for them, so they can feel comfortable coming up with a new plot and not going down the same path. That is the attraction that players themselves will be able to find inside this game, and they will spend hours exploring the colorful story world without being able to escape.

  • Race: against time to identify the murderer before becoming a suspect yourself.
  • Uncover: clues and unravel conspiracies hidden within your own family.
  • Make: tense moral choices – lie to protect loved ones or tell the truth?
  • Navigate: relationships damaged by suspicion – can love survive?


There is one more reason why players may be stuck in this game: the number of stories they can find. Specifically, players can go to any world in the game that is similar to the parallel world in the heroic movies you often watch. They exist independently, and you can choose whichever story to experience first without having to worry about skipping important events in the previous section. At the same time, you can apply your own life experiences to the game and decide based on your level of sympathy for the character.

  • Rule: a fantasy kingdom facing threats from within and without.
  • Make: political alliances and romances to gain power and allies.
  • Unmask: betrayals and secret plots before it’s too late.
  • Determine: the fate of your subjects – benevolent ruler or tyrant?


As mentioned above, your experiences and emotions will continuously change from admiration to joy when going from an everyday story to a story filled with fantasy. You can be an ordinary student or an important character in a world full of magic and danger. Each time you go through a journey, you will feel like you have unlocked something new and contemplate the meanings behind each story. In particular, you can save some dialogues that impress you, and if possible, you can use them in practice.

  • Train: in magical abilities and uncover mystical secrets as a geisha apprentice.
  • Pursue: forbidden romance with a human despite supernatural laws.
  • Go: on the run when your secret is discovered, evading deadly pursuers.
  • Make choices: that decide between love, duty, and survival.

Romance Club v1.0.30410 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices/Diamonds) Download

Download (31M)

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