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The roguelike genre is highly replayable because of the variety in characters, gameplay, and sheer difficulty to provide endless entertainment for players forever. Enthrone is one such game with a unique and interesting style, and it uses a retro pixel graphics engine and platformer combination to promise a memorable gameplay experience.

Enthrone : Shooting/Roguelite Enthrone : Shooting/Roguelite


The game’s highlight is the small, confined battle spaces and various elements to make gameplay enjoyable. Moreover, the platformer element increases the tempo of every fight and smoother your every action or interaction. The gameplay expansion will change based on your progress, and the roguelike element gives you high replayability, allowing you to try out new characters or weapons in the system.


The variety of characters will make gameplay more interesting as the game has 10+ players with unique skills. What’s interesting is the complex character development system with extensive customization to change the way you fight. Each character interacts uniquely with the environment, making the level progress more interesting and funny. You can unlock new characters in many ways, such as by responding to requests, completing challenges, and overcoming all difficulties in gameplay.

Enthrone : Shooting/Roguelite Enthrone : Shooting/Roguelite


All combat is fast-paced as the enemy attacks, and you have to dodge and counter-attack effectively. The game has a flexible and professional control system, making it easy to destroy all enemies while minimizing the damage received to the maximum. The pace of the battles will increase when facing bosses, and you can strengthen your character directly in all the fiercest battles. Moreover, the tight combat environment brings tension but engages you throughout the game.


The variety in biomes also greatly affects your progress with the random appearance of monsters and bosses. You will also suffer a lot of debuffs from the environment or traps, making the combat process more complicated and stressful. However, the buffs and effects from the game will help you directly and speed up progress with every level or battle with bosses. You can also train characters to adapt biomes to prepare for tough weather battles.

Enthrone : Shooting/Roguelite Enthrone : Shooting/Roguelite


Before going to battle, each character can choose starting equipment to progress faster. However, in the middle of a fight, you can change gears with items dropped by enemies for a temporary boost or fighting style. Many weapons will have interesting effects and unique stats, helping you fight more effectively when facing powerful enemies. You can also combine items to create more powerful effects and utilize all possibilities for gameplay progress.


The buffs will appear after you pass a certain amount of challenges, and they all appear randomly in bulk. That randomness will help enrich the character, and you can combine equipment with buffs for more creative and effective combat effects. You can also stack buffs together to improve combat and kill all enemies with the least effort. Moreover, many buffs will appear when defeating bosses, and they are all special with exclusive abilities you have always dreamed of for the character.

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Download (68M)

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